Who is L.A.?

Asian KoalaIS: 26, a mom, in love with family and friends, energetic, a writer, sarcastic, 50% Asian and 100% ridiculous, a music lover/performer, a hockey girl, a soccer player, a compulsive twatter, organized chaos.

LOVES: LeBebe, music, family, thunderstorms, friends, Red Wings hockey, writing, shopping, beards, the beach, euchre, witticism, bicycling, hugs, fashion, high metabolisms, knee high boots, soccer, cheesecake, koala-ing.

IS NOT: lazy, a morning person, high maintenance, introverted, perfect, well organized.

HATES: cheaters, mornings before 9 am, paper cuts, being lied to, losing, chunky heels, high humidity, ab workouts, two faced people, deer, make up, Sidney Crosby, fast food, injuries, car issues.

  1. You hate Sidney Crosby? My heart just broke a little.

    • Haha, I’m sorry! He’s a great player, it’s just how the league and Bettman have him on the face of EVERYTHING and I don’t think he’s good about that at all.

      • Not to mention Sid the Kid is a complete dick. I had a friend who is a model who dated him for a month. She said he cheated on her 3 times in that one month and that is just the ones she knows.

      • Egooooooo. Although if she knows…say…Jordan Staal or Letang and wants to hook a girl up.

        It’s not Darren Helm, but still.

  2. Those are some funny Loves and Hates. Have to say that those are pretty original.

  3. i still have to get used to poof having her own blog and you and gold dust running this one now. 😀

  4. I nominated you for a bunch of awards, check it out here: http://wp.me/p20576-1b8

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