Who is Gold Dust?

Gold Dust…


IS:  Not a Hotch…but is pretty awesome. A cock-pollution survivor. Optimist with a realist twist. A tale-teller, an advice giver, and blondette to boot. Double-Dog Dare doer. 1st runner-up in the Copper-Tone Baby Photo contest. Not scared of no ghost.

LOVES: Big bows, old lady clothes, velvet coats, Volkswagens, black iced-coffee, two doors and a hatch-back, red dresses, berets, serpents, fuzzy ear muffs, stevie nicks, peacocks, running, Zumba, beards and volvos, pumps, hand warmers, oh, and cheerios.

HATES: Critters, clingers, people who can’t properly drive a stick shift, pre-mature ejaculation, half-Persians, a cold nose, cucumber man, and non-doers.

When there’s nothing else to burn you have to set yourself on fire.


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