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Toys in the Sandbox

I need to blog to catch up with L.A.’s blogging mania.

So hello, and let the blogging begin.

“Toys in the Sandbox” isn’t really about any specific incident. It’s more about a recurring theme that has been perplexing L.A. and I.

She and I have both experienced this in several aspects of life.

Is this your sandbox or your litter-box?

Is this your sandbox or your litter-box?

It stems from the idea where a child is in a sandbox with his or her toys. This child may neglect a toy out of boredom or not realizing the potential of the toy. The child only notices this toy when another child comes along to play with it. This leads the first child to want to claim the toy as theirs. They do not claim the toy because they want to appreciate and play with it, but because they don’t want anyone else to have the toy.

Yes, a very frustrating position for the toy. Well, imagine if the toy was human like L.A. or me.

Here’s a real life scenario if you haven’t gotten where this is going:

An example:

A girl is dating a guy. He has shown some interest in her, but makes her feel like it’s only on his time. The mature girl decides to cut her losses and puts space between her and the boy. She may begin to date other boys. The first boy may find out, and this makes him want to be with the girl. Not because he actually likes her, but because he doesn’t want anyone else to have her.

And boys wonder why girls are crazy…

L.A. and I have spent many nights speeding in her Equinox, and attempting to understand why this happens. The most frustrating part is knowing her and I have been the toy.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s quite simple.

If you want it then ask for it.

If you love it then show it.

And if you’re not sure then set it free to someone who will appreciate it for all it’s worth.

I digress.

In simplest terms, if you can’t figure it out.