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I’m leaving you here, dear, alone with all my letters.

Sunday typically falls under the “clean all the shit” day in my house. It’s really the only day everyone in my family is home, so we actually sit down and eat together, and talk together, and cheer for golf together, since NBC was airing golf today and we only have four channels.

Maybe 5, but one of them is old school 80’s music videos.

I usually take my Sundays to clean my room, and remake my bed, and YES, I DID MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT FOLDING A FITTED SHEET.

Today, however, I took the time to catch up on all my long forgotten correspondences.

Even Boo was writing the mails with me!

If you haven’t clicked the link for #lettersfromLA at the top, then you’re missing out. Not necessarily on me, even though I personally believe I’m sixteen different shades of awesome. But on the whole experience of letter writing. There’s something so much better about opening up your mailbox, not your inbox, and finding something tangible — a letter, or salt water taffy from California, or Fudge from Mackinac Island, or chocolate from Austria. Sealing wax, or a ticket stub from something half a world away.

If you’re on instagram or twitter, check out a hashtag like #snailmail, or #snailmailrevolution or even #lettersfromLA (Yours truly). The amount of creativity that people put into their mail is astounding and so cool to receive.

One of my FAVORITE IG accounts to follow! @SnailMailMagazine

One of my FAVORITE IG accounts to follow! @SnailMailMagazine

So I’m tossing these beauties in the mail today. I made the envelopes, and I hope they make it in one piece. If you want one, you can follow me on twitter, or instagram, or fill out the form at the top of the page that I keep mentioning.

I promise, you’ll love it.

Update: International mail went up from $1.05 to 1.10. Ya’ll owe me some loose change.

BTW.  If you’re following along on this bet of seven days:

Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4.


It’s T-Shirt Time [again]!

You may remember a little while ago, when I taught ya’ll how to make that fringe-y masterpiece? Well, if you follow me on instagram…

(@LA_thegirl, btw)

…then there is a solid chance you remember me posting another few t-shirts that  I swore I would do tutorials, that I never got around to doing. Well, there was one shirt in particular that seemed to garner an excessive amount of attention.

The popular t-shirt from the last artsy round of fun.

And as much as I wanted to post how to make this guy, I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t like the end result, as fun as it looks, so I didn’t wanna teach everyone how to make something that could potentially suck. So here we are, trying again.

1. Cut up your t-shirt.

This involves really cutting the shirt into whatever shape you plan on wearing it — keeping it a t-shirt, making it a tank top. I always recommend cutting off thick hems that are hard to cut through or work with. Plus it gives you more variety when it comes to the neckline especially.

I took off the neck and then v’d the back. Sorry that I made it black.

2. Details, details.

I did the same detailing that I originally used on the back of the yellow shirt. It’s actually really easy to do.

This is kinda the pattern I follow. But straighter lines. And the same length. Don’t use scissors if you’re drunk.

3. Weave and other things.

This is where it gets hard to explain. The cuts you’ve made make strips of cloth that you’re going to weave within each other. Get it? No? That’s okay, me neither.

Pull the inner strip of cloth AROUND the end strip. It makes a loop hole. Then, you pull the NEXT strip through that loophole you made.

You keep following the loophole pattern until you reach your last strip. I actually combined the two sides — which basically means I pulled one strip of cloth through two loopholes.

4. Tie it off.

This is pretty simple. When you reach the last strip, you pull it through the INSIDE of the shirt and tie it with the loops before.

You can [sort of] see where the last loophole will tie. This is the inside of the shirt.

Voila. This may have been easy to understand. If not (sorry for the black shirt again) then you can always e-mail me at and I’d be more than willing to make you a shirt for a decent price.


If you check out the picture of the yellow shirt, you can see the detailing better. But that’s basically how it turns out. Ta-da, and other words!





Only YOU, America, can celebrate by blowing things up.

I absolutely LOVE July 4th. I love fireworks. I love spending time at the park with a bunch of friends. I love the weather. There is no downside to this holiday.

Oh, except this one time when I was six years old and I ended up putting a sparkler to my face. Was it lit? Possibly. You know what that means? I put a fire stick on my face. Do you know why they call them fireworks? Because they are fiery, and they burn.

My July 4 Battlewound. I know, I’m super cool.

Despite this scar of July 4th’s past, I love the holiday. And yes, I still love sparklers. So much, in fact, that GoldDust and I headed out in search of them for the holiday BBQ. Nothing says 4th of July like firing up the grill, sitting around the bonfire, and MOTHER EFFING SPARKLERS. I can’t believe still that we were having a BBQ and NO ONE THOUGHT OF THE SPARKLERS.


(Created with Gifboom)

I mean, who, as a small child, did not play with sparklers for the holiday? Who didn’t attempt to write their name in cursive in the sky thinking it might stay there, or after Harry Potter hit the bookshelves, magic the shit out of everybody??!! I was one of those kids who ran around with the sparkler shouting Avada Kedavra at strangers. Like I said. I was super cool.

I rule you, America!! Angry Magical Sparkler Chick card available now in our Zazzle store!

Stop one was CVS. We debated picking up some Red Bull to make it through the night, but after scouring the store and not finding sparklers, or fireworks in general, we left in an irate fashion. Middle fingers up, debating WHY THE HELL DOESN”T CVS HAVE FIREWORKS and WHERE IS YOUR PATRIOTISM and ENTHUSIASM FOR BLOWING SHIT UP?! We left the Red Bull behind too. Any store that doesn’t support fireworks doesn’t get our business.

Stop two was at Kroeger. If you follow either myself or GoldDust on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed the tweet/instagram — We up in here at Kroeger. I’m pretty sure this is one of those Michigan stores, so equate it to your local grocer and begin saying that phrase in earnest. We up in here at your favorite local grocer. However, you know what wasn’t up in here at Kroeger? Sparklers. They at least had fireworks, and we bought some imitation fireworks called Morning Glorys. But still. No sparklers up in here at Kroeger.

Stop three was at our local dollar store. We found poppers there, which are always fun. But still…no sparklers. While checking out, I finally asked someone about the lack of sparklers.

“We haven’t been able to find sparklers anywhere. Do you have them?” I asked.

“Well,” said the man behind the counter. “Ever since that news piece ran about sparklers burning at over 800 degrees, all the stores have been pulling them off their shelves. You can try one of the [super shady] tents on every corner. They’ll probably have [the apparently now illegal and dangerous] sparklers.”

“Dangerous?!” I exclaim. “They’re sparklers! It’s fourth of July! I got burned in the face by a sparkler but I still want them. Shouldn’t it be up to us if we use them or not?!”

The guy shrugs.

GoldDust and I head out into the heat with our poppers, ice cream, and still no sparklers*.

“You know,” she tells me. “That’s probably not the best story to use while trying to get someone to sell you sparklers.”

Well said, my little GoldDust.

See How They Shine!

Hope ya’ll had a safe, face burning free, 4th of July. BY THE WAY. I think San Diego won for best fireworks ever.

*Obviously, sparklers were found. After driving for a half hour and coming up with lame imitation sparklers, an ice cream bar, a diet coke, a kit kat, and a bunch of poppers, the boys found sparklers at the booze store down the street.