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the sunday currently

Who doesn’t love I found a new blog day?? Every once in awhile, I like finding these kind of …sort of form blog posts… that people do — the thankful post was a good example of that. But it’s a great way to sort out your thoughts and map out your head for a hot second. Courtesy of, here is the sunday currently.

R E A D I N G Stieg Larsson’s The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. I’ve read this trilogy so many times, plus owning the Swedish version of the films, and the US version of the first book. It’s so damn addicting. If you haven’t read it before, I strongly recommend starting now, because I also read this article (OMG, new book alert) about a fourth book being written. And for anyone to has read the books, WHERE IS CAMILLA?!

W R I T I N G Poetry up the wazoo. Back in the day, I’d carry around a journal all the time, so I could just constantly be writing (I now regret the high period where I thought it was fun to write in markers, because damn, is that hard to read nowadays). Short stories, poetry, beginnings to books, actual books, where I sat in 3rd period AP English Senior Year of high school.  It feels good to just being jotting down the snippets that come up in my head every once in awhile.

L I S T E N I N G to The National, non-stop. To quote VS, “Grad school and being sad have really made me appreciate the National.” Or even better,

T H I N K I N G that I really need to finish start my Christmas shopping. It’s CHRISTMAS, THIS WEEK. I had no idea.

S M E L L I N G absolutely nothing, because this weather has me all stuffed up. Seriously. I blow my nose every thirty seconds. Someone should mail me Kleenex for Christmas.

W I S H I N G I had more time for Christmas presents. And that I had more time to do everything I want for Christmas. And really, for more time. I mean, this is wishing, right?

H O P I N G  for an epic Christmas season. It’s so busy between all the Christmas activities and the travelling and then NYE is right after that, and then it’s Winter Classic time, and let’s be honest. I’m really hoping for a W there.

W E A R I N G a lazy Sunday kind of outfit. Old School High School sweatshirt and sweatpants. I’d like to officially add to my Christmas list that I’d like some new Victoria’s Secret Boyfriend sweatpants because this pair has bleach on them, and my other pair has paint on them, and I really ought to take better care of my clothing.

L O V I  N G Lazy Sundays. Seriously, who doesn’t love lounging and relaxing? It’s the day of rest, people. Calm the fuck down, and have some hot cocoa.

W A N T I N G some more cocoa. Maybe a nice Mocha. I wish Starbucks delivered.

N E E D I N G Starbucks to start delivering.

F E E L I N G like Starbucks ought to deliver.

C L I C K I N G the exit button. Since it is a Lazy Sunday, that’s exactly what I’m going to be.


Black Friday, you scare me.

I absolutely love a great deal like the next person, but I think it’s psychotic to look for deals on Black Friday. So I opted not to take part in this year’s chaos.
Instead, I chose to sleep off my ‘night before Thanksgiving partying’ hangover and Thanksgiving’s food coma, while moms in mini-vans battled each other for the great sales.

I enjoyed my Black Friday by laying around the house and stuffing my face with leftovers. The day was very uneventful.
Around 6pm, I assumed it was safe to venture to the store. All the mini van moms would have returned to their homes to count their inventory of Christmas presents.

I intended to purchase a few holiday cards. I need to get rid of huge amount of stamps I own since the price of stamps will increase in January.
I made my way to card aisle. Picked my cards, and went to an open check-out line. Everything was normal and safe until this point. No random attack of a mini-van mom still possessed by a Black Friday demon.


The cashier seemed normal… She greeted me and scanned my purchases. When she got to my holiday cards everything changed.

She opened each one and read the greetings before scanning the cards.

I found this very strange.

First, she was a slow reader so the patron waiting behind me was annoyed.

Second, they’re my greeting cards. It’s my business what is inside them.

Am I the only one who thinks I was violated???

She didn’t say if she liked the cards or not. I feel like I was being judged for my choices.

This is why I don’t shop on Black Friday.


Winter, snow, and other things that are coming.

I drove to Target yesterday to pick up some food and things for the office. Coffee creamer, chicken pot pie, random stickers from the dollar know.

I was driving through the parking lot, enjoying the end of the nice days, sunglasses on, windows down. Right as I was about to park, a car pulled out in one those really nice spots that make you feel really important and incredibly lazy.

“Rockstar parking,” I thought to myself. “Score. Lucky day. Winning. Etc.”

I was about to pull in when I saw another car. Creeping and the like. 

I knew he saw me. The spot too.

We were about the same distance away. We met eyes and it was just like a scene out of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

“You can’t have my spot, you yellow banana car’d man,” I said to myself. “I saw it first.”

Cue tumbleweed.

But then, the nice man in the yellow banana car smiled at me, holstered his imaginary shot gun, and mentioned to me to take the spot.

I parked and walked into the store. I was perusing the dollar section when Banana car man came up to me.

“Hey,” he says.

“Oh hey,” I respond. “Thanks for the spot.”

He grins at me. “No problem. Just so you know, in a month, I’ll run you over to get that spot.”

That reminded me. This is the last week of calm driving and normal traffic. The last of normal people not high strung from holiday music, stress, cocoa, and shopping deals. The last of polite lines in Target and not having to wait a half hour to buy a gallon of milk. The last of the rockstar parking.

And that’s about when I decided to do my holiday shopping online.