It was a cold and rainy night. It wasn’t really. But it was late one night, and I was writing a letter to my Grandma. That’s where it all began. I tweeted that I was writing letters, asked “Who Wants Mail?” and things just went from there…


Since then, I’ve sent mail to anyone who wants a letter. All I ask is that you write back. Letters have gone to Austria, Canada, and all over the US. And I have no plans on stopping. So I’m asking here.

Who Wants Mail?

Fill out the form. Get some mail. Help out the postal service. Don’t let the written word die out.


FYI. Your information won’t be given away, or sold, or shown to anyone, or anything besides sent mail. Or maybe Fudge. If you’re lucky.

UPDATEDNESS: I’ve discovered through the world of Instagram and Twitter that there is an awesome site called Post Crossing, where postcards are just flung around the world much like tiny airplanes flying in every direction. I’ve joined. You should too.

L.A. at postcrossing.com —> http://www.postcrossing.com/user/LA_thegirl

  1. I got my letter, but you didn’t leave a return address!! How am I supposed to write back?

  2. ahahaha… i think i am still tired. i just wrote in the wrong thingy.
    so here we go again… i looove how i am mentioned in your letters to la description. thank youuuu! :-*

  3. Hi! Just filled out the form after seeing Lina’s instagram pic of your letter! I’m really excited and think this is such a cool thing you’re doing! I have ALL this stationary but no one I know loves receiving mail as much as I.

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