Fire burn, cauldron bubble, etc, etc.

I have two confessions to make.

One. This post contains spoilers circa 1993.

Two. I am terrible with horror movies. This isn’t normal level oh God I’m so freaked out and I might jump a little while watching scared. This is I didn’t sleep for two days after I saw The Ring and was positive that bitch was hanging out outside my window waiting for me to let my guard down scared.

Even previews for horror movies freak me out. I’ve forced myself to watch movies after seeing the preview because I needed to know that these fictional characters that I’ve encountered for 1 minute and 12 seconds survived.


The best part about all of this intense fear of a genre is why I have said intense fear of a genre. And to understand that, we must travel back in time – to a simpler time, when Sarah Jessica Parker hadn’t had sex in a city yet, when Bette Middler was the wind beneath my wings, and when I had a crush on one Omri Katz.

Now, to put this into perspective, I was six when I first saw this movie. Actually, I was six when I saw most of this movie. And let’s be honest: Winifred Sanderson is pretty effing scary when you’re six years old. For whatever reason, I was watching Hocus Pocus, for the first time, by myself, at age six. My parents weren’t home. My older sister was not watching with me. And I don’t know if you know the premise of Hocus Pocus, but these crazy fucking witches come back from the dead and suck the life out of little children – which is exactly what I was at age six.

Suck. The Life. Out of Children.

So, I’m watching this terrible movie where these witches are coming after these kids to suck their life out, and completely missing great moments like the bus driver because I was too young to understand…

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

…and I am bat shit terrified. Like watching the movie with one eye terrified, because apparently that made it less scary, to only allow fifty percent of my vision to see the movie.

Well, I’m struggle-bussing my way through this movie, just about positive that the witches were going to lose, because it was a Disney movie, and everyone knew that Disney movies have to have a happy ending except for Bambi’s Mom because what a terrible movie.

Photo from Buzzfeed.

And then this amazing moment happened where the kids forced the witches into a giant oven and fried them to death. Take that, Bette Middler. Everything is fine! The kids are dancing in the yard because they win, and the world is safe from life sucking creatures and –

YEAH. Omri just cooked the witches and they did not die.

Well, being the brave six year old that I was, that was about as much as I could handle. The witches did not die after being cooked, and therefore were not going to die, which meant that the good guys lost, and the bad guys won, and I was sleeping in my sister’s bed that night.

Except my sister wouldn’t let me in her bed. I huddled in my parents bed until they came home, absolutely terrified that the Sanderson sisters were going to come after me since I had watched half of Hocus Pocus. When my dad moved me back to my bed, I was sure that the shadows behind my Little Tykes kitchen were Winifred, waiting for me to fall asleep. I was the next Emily Binx, and was bound to be until 1999.

Six years later, when my family upgraded to cable from bunny ears antennas, I finally saw the end of Hocus Pocus when it aired on the Disney Channel.

Hot damn, I realized. The witches lose after all.

And that, my friends, is why Laura doesn’t do horror.


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  1. i remember watching hocus pocus when i was little, but i remember nothing of the actual movie itself. except if it scared you so much, and i am awful at scary movies too, i feel like it should have made a greater impression. (so maybe i didn’t watch it, but just told myself that i did because it was the cool movie to have watched?) every halloween season i make plans to watch it because i feel like it’s one of those movies that everyone’s watched and i should, too, but i never catch it when it is on tv and don’t make any greater efforts. kind of like elf. maybe this year i will finally watch all of the requisite holiday movies and finally see what the hype was all about.

    • You can buy it for $7 from Target! It really should be a staple of your movie collection. And if you don’t buy it, let’s be honest. It’s on every 15 seconds during Halloween season. I was at Costco yesterday and it was on. COSTCO.

  2. OMG… i suck too when it comes to horror movies. mostly when there are clowns and dolls involved. it just freaks me out and i am not able to sleep for days, sometimes even weeks. after i watched darkness falls (the movie with that scary tooth fairy) i slept for weeks with the light on because i was convinced i saw the tooth fairy in the shadows.
    my new challenge is the new season of american horror story. shit, that clown is way creepier than pennywise. i’m mostly hiding under my blanket when they show the clown. 😦

    • I have never watched AHS, and I don’t think I could manage it. HORROR EVERY WEEK, NO.

      When I watched the Ring for the first time, I swear I stopped watching TV. And definitely stopped going to creepy cabins or near any wells. Or on boats. Near horses. But mostly no TV.

      • ahahaha… i love that you’re as much a sissy as i am… i’d love to watch a horror movie with you once to see which one of us is more scared. 😀

        and yes, i agree with the ring… i too was a bit scared of my telly and wells after i watched it and also of photographs that were blurry!

  3. in response to malu’s comment, i heard on the radio today that the clown confederation (or whatever the union equivalent for clowns is) was highly insulted by the new season of AHS and threatening to sue or something because it perpetuated stereotypes that clowns are scary.

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