when bad TV happens to good people

It’s finally acting like Spring outside, which means that the snow might be gone, but it’s windy and rainy and chilly outside. Considering what happened the last time Poof and I ventured outside in the wind, we’ve been taking to staying indoors. I head over to her place with coffee for everyone, and we chill out, watch TV, and partake in whatever is on TV that morning.

Today, commentary as follows:

L.A.: You know, that one douchebag is really starting to grow on me.

Poof: Kanye?

L.A.: No, I know who he is. I mean the dad douchebag.

Poof: Bruce Jenner?

L.A.: No, no. The douchebag that’s a dad.

Poof: Bruce Jenner?

L.A.: The dad that’s married to one of the daughters.

Poof: Which daughter?

L.A.: Lord Douchebag.

Poof: OH. Scott.

L.A.: YES.

Poof: I mean, you really just can’t go around saying “that douchebag” with this show. I mean, it IS the Kardashians.




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