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Friday night, I headed to this…eclectic bar called the Log Cabin with FunSized and a few of her friends. There was a band playing there that I met through FunSized – always a good time. The bar was hosting a theme night

Cabin Fever

Clever, right? This meant that there were tiki heads and grass skirts and bamboo decorations and bad jokes everywhere.

Case in point? Dancing with FunSized, up by the band?

Yes. I got lei’d.

It’s time for the Sunday Currently.

C U R R E N T L Y . . .

READING… The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I’ve read it before, but there’s a movie floating around that I’m determined to eventually see.

WRITING… a lot of journal-y stuff lately. Problem is, I keep misplacing whichever blank book I’m supposed to be finishing, so I have snippets of everything in at least three different notebooks. Chronology is a bitch, folks.

LISTENING… to the new song from Nashville because holy crap, this show is addicting. And musical. And dramatic. And awesome. And Jonathan Jackson. Tuck Everlasting has a guitar and can sing, people. I don’t know if you knew that, but you’re welcome.

THINKING…that the song in that link above really ought to be released on iTunes because I’m in love with it. It’s so good. I hate country and it’s so good. The night ain’t long enough, I ain’t leavin’ without your love.

SMELLING…spring in the air. I’m not at all, actually. But it’s March now, so I’m hoping.

HOPING…see the smelling, currently.

WEARING…UGGS. All day, everyday. They’re so warm and fluffy in  winter. I’m so ready to put them away.

LOVING…the new hat that I should not have bought if I’m hoping winter will end soon. But it’s courtesy of, and it’s excellent and warm and fluffy.

WANTING…to get a sweatshirt off of Because it says:

Cold Hands

Warm Heart

And that’s wonderful. It almost warms my cold, black, Michigander heart.

FEELING…Cold. I know. You’re surprised.

Look, back when I was warm-blooded.

Look, back when I was warm-blooded.

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  1. nashville is one of those shows that i really wanted to watch before it started but then i missed the premier and the first few episodes and then the first couple of seasons and i always have this vague sense of unaccomplishment when it is mentioned because i should be watching that.

    now on to the book thief. (i went out of order because my book comments tend to get really long and just in case you get bored and stop reading, i feel like everyone should know about my failure with nashville. it is that important.) anyway. i read the book thief when it came out, sorta. i waited long enough for the hype to get really big. for everyone and their mother to claim that it was the best book they have ever read ever and nothing else would ever compare. that was such a mistake. because i liked the book, i really did. and under different circumstances i might have felt like, “wow this is the best book i have ever read and nothing else will ever compare.” but instead i felt like my expectations were not met, because i had set impossibly high expectations for this book. it was good, but it wasn’t flawless. there were parts that were too wordy and emphasis techniques that were overused. and i needed it to be flawless. i needed to love every character, even the ones that i hated. i needed to be using up entire tissue boxes and holding my sides because i was laughing so hard. needless to say, i didn’t.

    and then the movie came out and i thought, “okay i will see that.” but i couldn’t remember everything that happened in the book. in fact, i couldn’t remember most of what happened in it and so i knew that i had to read it again before i could ever watch the movie. and all i could remember from the book was that i was disappointed. that it didn’t live up to the hype. i had gotten through it once, why did i have to read it again? and when my reading time kept getting hacked away at, there was no way i was going to read that when i could be reading anything else. so long story short, i am still trying to get myself to read the book so that i can watch the movie. i have been told that i will be disappointed in the movie because they cut out that scene with max. but i do not remember that scene with max at all, so maybe i will think it is good.

    the annoying part is that i know i’ll like the book whenever i reread it. i’ll like it more because my expectations are so low. this happens to me all the time. i just can’t. pick. it. up.

    • I feel like the book thief will be an easy re-reader for me. I enjoyed it to the point where I’ll be like…I have a few hours to kill. I might as well read this again. You should put it on a kindle or something, and read it while doing something mundane. Like a road trip. Or peeing. Everyone reads while peeing, right?

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