Signed, sealed, delivered, WHAT THE BLEEP IS IN MY MAILBOX.

I got a letter from my lovely Lina the other day. It was a bittersweet moment, because on one hand, I was all…


…and on the other hand, I was like…

How long has it been since I’ve sent mail, because so much stationary and so much envelopes and mother-fecking Harry Potter Stamps?!

Which loosely translates to me realizing that I’ve got all this stationary and all these stamps that I have neglected to use.

I have these stamps, guys. And I cannot figure out why I have not sent any of you magical, magical Harry Potter Owl Mail. Image from Yahoo! News.

Of course, this lead me to sorting out all my stationary, and finding my fountain pen, and searching all over etsy for a new-old-working typewriter that I can put on my childhood desk that my father and I are attempting to refinish for me. A girl needs a place to pen her life. Somehow in the course of all this, I found myself on a website that I come across every few years.

I’ve debated joining the Letter Writers Alliance for awhile now, but always told myself not to until I have more time to write. It occurred to me then, that I am never going to have more time to write. If I want to write letters, I need to find time and write letters. So, this is me, dedicating via blog, that I’m going to do just that. New Year’s Resolution style, I’m going on a #LettersFromLA kick, because it’s something I love to do.

And on that note, here are the top five things I would really appreciate finding in my mailbox:

5. Maybe not this exact barrel but…

this is from the 1920’s and was used to ship silver and china. Photo from, click photo for link.

I always wanted to get something from Tiffany’s in the mail because you see that blue and you just know that’s where it’s from. Granted, this barrel wouldn’t fit in my mailbox, but still. Tiny version maybe?

4. Unique stationary of any sort…

The personalized mail from is absolutely awesome. Click photo for link.

Freshly pressed definitely knew where my head was at this morning when they featured Her letters are so unique, I did that awkward girl sqeeee just looking at them.

3. Here is a Pinata.

Ole. Courtesy of Click photo for link.

Seriously, it’s a pinata. In the mail. Enough said.

2. The Police put it best.

Yes. That is a message in a bottle. Photo from Click the photo for the link.

Sending out an SOS? YES.

And finally.

1. Put a bird on it. Or put it in a bird. Or something like that.

Courtesy of that site I might finally join, the Letter Writers Alliance. Click the photo for the link.

It’s just like having your very own Carrier Pigeon. But he’s dead. I mean, fake. He’s not alive. And he goes in the mailbox. Someone, mail me a bird.


So, I’m pulling out my fountain pen later, kids. It’s letter writing time. I think I might actually keep this Resolution.



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  1. this post reminded me that i got a letter from you and never replied to it like a jerk. (in my defense, it came at a time when i thought i was pregnant and after almost three weeks of me working myself up to the point that yes! i am ready and want to be a mom! my body decides that actually i wasn’t. and then came a few weeks where i was depressed that i was not pregnant even though i really didn’t want to be in the first place. i repeat, stupid body. and after that i just completely forgot that i had gotten it. i’m pretty sure this was way too much information and you’re probably like ugh i don’t want mail from her, just think of what she’ll write when it’s not available for the entire world to read. i promise it will be better than this.) annnywayy, letter writing. i should get on that.

    also, i have those stamps, too! after going to four different post offices and them telling me that they didn’t have any, i finally just ordered them from the usps website.

    • Haha, no worries! I definitely have those “totally forgot to write the letters I meant to write seventeen years ago” moments. Anytime you want to send mail or pinatas though, feel free!

  2. ahaha, i am so glad you got my letter. i was so busy before, during and after christmas that i actually forgot if i ever mailed it to you and was about to ask you if you ever got my last letter. 😀

    and i want you to put a harry potter stamp on my letter please! this would make me very very very happy! preferably the one from bellatrix… 😉

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