i didn’t even need to write this because strangers wrote it for me.

You guys, I love the beach. It’s just so beachy, and windy, and sunny, and sandy.

L.A.: Why was  I sad? Poof: You were covered in sand. L.A.: Oh....sad.

L.A.: Why was I sad?
Poof: You were covered in sand.
L.A.: Oh….sad.

I honestly don’t even mind the sand. I mean, it’s everywhere. You can’t escape it. It’s sand. Except for when you get home and take off your bikini and sand just pours out like the scene in Aladdin where Jasmine is trapped in the giant hourglass.


I do mind that.

So, the other day, we had a beach day. For some reason, when I’m at the beach, and I’m given beach toys, which are for Boo but usually used by me, I start digging holes. I’m like Shia LeBouf without the orange jumpsuit.

I must have doubled up on my electrolytes when I drank my Cool Blue Gatorade, because I went to town on this hole, and the rest of this post writes itself.

The hole

Random Stranger: Wow. What a hole.

Small Kid: Hey, can I play in your hole?

Old Woman: You have a great hole!

Parent: Honey, don’t go in her hole! We don’t know her!

In the hole

Strapless suit + digging = not a good combo.

At this point HotChocolate, BD, and I were having a field day, and this is without even saying “that’s what she said” out loud.

However. As we packed up, and went to leave.

Stranger: Awesome hole!

Cue laughter.

Stranger: But hey. Can I put my baby in your hole??!




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  1. i hope boo wasn’t too sad that you took away his toys to dig that hole! 😀

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