that part of life where emotions are humorous, except only a little.

I’m having a day. I’m having a week, really. Actually, it’s been years, so really, I’m having a life. 

My various friends, whether they be besties, oldies, manfriends, hockey friends, drinking friends, soccer friends, probably even my dog that looks like Falcor, they all know that I’m an incredibly overly emotional person.


It’s borderline hysterics.


SoccerGirl brought these tiny little wine bottles to a soccer game to ask Poof and I to be bridesmaids.

Poof: We better get on the field before L.A. starts crying.

Me: (choked up) I’m not going to cry!


I went over to NeighborGirl’s one day to watch Colin Farrell in Phonebooth, because that movie was ALWAYS ON, and bad things happened on the way.

NeighborGirl: Boyfriend just broke up with me.

Me: BabyDaddy just broke up with me.

Cue waterworks.

Me: I’m so upset that this is so sad because if it’s weren’t sad, it’d be really funny!

So, today. I’m a little emotional today. Which is like, normal for me, and like:

Rain, rain, mother fuckers

…For everyone else.

So, I’m trying to get through my day, and literally everything is setting me off.


Guy at the Drive Thru: Here’s your iced tea.

Me: …but I ordered a coke.


Friend: Do you need me to bring you coffee?

Me: …I’d love that SO MUCH.


And the real kicker…

CoWorker: Are you going to cry the whole day?

Me: …no…

Trying to unobtrusively not be crying.


Special Thanks to the interwebs for giving me gifs to make me less emotional temporarily, and especially to wordpress for being there so I can write and distract myself.

Even more special thanks to my mother who is totally who I get the emotional crazies from. She cried when Michelle Kwan fell in the Sagano Olympics and only got silver. She also cried when Mulan cuts her hair off to keep her father safe. I love you, Mommy.



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  1. awww poor LA!!! but i am too a very emotional person. i cry so easily… it’s ridiculous. and sometimes i even don’t know why i cry. 😀

  2. Very Interesting! It isn’t easy to find quality stuff.

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