I don’t know if any of you know this. But I’m probably actually not that funny. I mean, I might be, but that’s in great part to a hefty dose of genetics and self deprecation.

L.A.'s Funny ChartThe rest of it is basically thanks to you, the readers, the people in my life, the couple arguing over a coffee table in a way-too-similar-to-dirty-sex-manner

I love all you people.

I love even more that when I tell stories, for some reason, my arms flail about in these crazy gestures that apparently make everything funnier. Or funny to begin with. Or even worthy of a small chuckle, that means you are laughing with me. at me. probably with me.

I love people with gestures and tumblrs. Gif from http://xmrxcx.tumblr.com/

Case in point? This happened yesterday.

Jokes 1 zzz zzzz zzzzz


60 some odd year old man. Me. Hilarity ensues.

My shirt is actually made of polyester and cotton. I just checked.



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  1. i too love people with gestures. it makes everything funnier and i like to listen to those people’s stories more than to others!

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