I wanted the cookie, but not the fortune

Recently, my office decided to get Chinese for lunch .

I’ve always found my work lunch hour to be a peaceful time, but that changed by the opening of a fortune cookie one day.

My favorite thing about eating chinese is the fortune cookie… just like anyone. I really don’t pay attention to the fortune. I actually love to eat the cookie. The light sweet taste is so delicious.

On this particular day, I could not ignore the fortune. It was only one word. I have never had a fortune only be one word. This one word was terrifying. Especially to someone who is single.



It was like someone had whispered it to me, “relationships.” No capitalization, just lowercase and a period. Poor punctuation.

What heck is it suppose mean? Am I suppose to build more relationships? Fix the ones form the past? Should I avoid them at all cost?

What is the real fortune? It’s seems to be more of a warning.

I want to meet the jerk who thought this fortune was worthy to put in a cookie. Do they realize the anxiety that it caused me? Was that their plan all along?

Fortune cookies aren’t suppose to cause questioning.

Needless to say, I will not be eating Chinese or fortune cookies for the time being.

Eating is suppose to be pleasurable. Not terrifying.


About GoldDust

Gold Dust… IS: Not a Hotch…but is pretty awesome. an Arab-fanatic, but has only dated a Persian. A cock-pollution survivor. Poof’s puppy’s best friend. A tale-teller, an advice giver, and blondette to boot. too friendly to the homeless. LOVES: a lot of things, a boy from liggett, old lady clothes, velvet coats, red dresses, being on TV, holding microphones, berets, serpents, fuzzy ear muffs, stevie nicks, peacocks, beards and volvos, and hand warmers, oh, and cheerios. HATES: critters, clingers, people who can’t properly drive a stick shift, pre-mature ejaculation, half-Persians, quit dresses.

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