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I don’t know if you knew, but people are funny. For this reason, we are proud to announce that some people are going to be funny for us.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you haven’t noticed that I’m currently vacationing in the Philippines. That means that my dumb as rocks dogs have been left in the more than capable hands of BaristaGirl, FunSized’s little sister, who apparently didn’t like the idea of the blog name MiniFunSized.

Yes, the dogs are in capable hands because she is, in fact, a fully grown woman, and not a mini version of FunSized.

And yes, the dogs are in capable hands because they are both small enough to be picked up and held.

And yes, we now present our first guest blogger, BaristaGirl, with adventures in L.A. Land.

Xo, L.A.

Hey there, readers!

While L.A. is vacationing in the Philippines, I am here house-sitting her abode back in the states. Let me tell you, it has been an adventure! After sharing some of my stories with FunSized, she suggested to L.A. that I guest blog about what I’ve learned house sitting.

Lesson 1. Clocks Chime.

As you all know (if you are a regular reader of this blog, which you should be), L.A. lives with her parental units. Ever since we were young, her father has collected clocks. Analog, wind-up, grandfather, whatever kind, I am sure he owns it. L.A. briefly mentioned that these clocks chime in an orchestral pattern at times, however growing up in a neighborhood by the train tracks, I wasn’t worried about the noise.



Clocks chime. Loudly. The first night, the oh-so-lovely clocks woke me up from a dead sleep every hour on the dot. It’s like having house wide alarm clocks.

Text between BaristaGirl and FunSized

Text between BaristaGirl and FunSized

Lesson 2. Some dogs walk, while others crawl.

L.A. has two dogs. Although both small and white, the similarities stop there. Dog #1 is older, partially blind, and walks fairly slow. Dog #2, is yippy and slightly spastic. Now add me, an amateur dog walker at best into the mix and boy, do you have a show.

Many a walk was spent being yanked by Dog #2 who bolts out the door in a flash, only to be dragging poor Dog #1 behind. I also recall at one point Dog #2 almost being cloths-lined by the leash of Dog#1 due to a squirrel sighting. I can only imagine what a sight it must have been for all the neighbors.


Lesson 3. Trash day is not the same in any language.

Grand Rapids has an ODD trash/recycle/refuse system. Not living directly in the city myself, I never thought twice to check with L.A. about trash day. I should have. Not only do they have city regulated trash bins, but also trash bags. And apparently if you use a non-city distributed bag you have to use special tags? Oh dear God. It’s way too confusing for it’s own good.

In case you were curious, I still don’t have a clue what day trash day is.*

Lesson 4. All outlets are not created equal.

In this day and age, technology is everything. Even L.A. and I were joking about how on vacation she was taking half of the Apple store with her! The downfall of having all these products? Cords and Battery Life. I must have a million of unused power cords and chargers lying around from old phones, iPods, and computers. Not only that, but the products I do have need to constantly charge.

So, in a recent quest to charge my laptop, I came upon the realization that all the surge protectors and outlets in L.A.’s room didn’t fit my laptop plug.** 20 minutes later, I found an outlet. IN THE BATHROOM.


BaristaGirl, while not house sitting, dog sitting, and grounded outlet searching, is a part time Barista at Starbucks and a full time sister to  FunSized. Both scenarios give us great hope for more guest posts when L.A. feels lazy or BaristaGirl feels funny.

*Footnote from L.A.: Trash Day is totally Mondays.

**Footnote from L.A. Part 2: I attempted to help with the “very few grounded outlets” problem by suggesting the following:

Text between L.A. And FunSized

Text between L.A. And FunSized


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