Run, Baby, Run


So I made a promise to L.A. that I would keep the blog strong while she is on the adventure of a life time. Plus, I haven’t blogged in months.

How is my life, you might asked? Well, it’s fabulous. Summer has finally appeared in the mitten state.

Summer being in the air has given me incentive to plan all my summer adventures. Some adventures are very unfamiliar to me.

The adventure that I’m most excited about is running the 10 miler in a race called the Crim. It’s taking place later this summer. 14 weeks away to be exact.

I’m not much of a runner so this should be interesting. I have already started to plan ways to get to the finish line without actually running. Like, wearing roller blades or hopping on someone’s back for a piggy-back ride. Or maybe, I will just skip the entire race, splash some water on my face, and show up to the finish line.

My motivation to run stems from a few things… Purchasing colorful running shoes. Making a pack with myself when I turned 25 to be more healthy and active. I want to live to be 100 so I have to take actions to make it to that finish line. Lastly, I’m running for the beer and t-shirt. Oh and my job is paying for me to in the race. Running for free is the best type of running.


I’m 2 weeks into training, and I think I’m doing pretty good. I was able to complete 3 miles this past Sunday. But, I will share a secret with you… I had a wedgie the entire time. So painful. So awkward.  I need new running shorts.

I hope wedgies do not become a common occurrence. I will definitely not be able to run the entire ten miles come race day. Or I will have to run with no pants and I think that may be frowned upon in the running community.

Please cheer me on to keep running and praying for wedgie-free runs!!!


About GoldDust

Gold Dust… IS: Not a Hotch…but is pretty awesome. an Arab-fanatic, but has only dated a Persian. A cock-pollution survivor. Poof’s puppy’s best friend. A tale-teller, an advice giver, and blondette to boot. too friendly to the homeless. LOVES: a lot of things, a boy from liggett, old lady clothes, velvet coats, red dresses, being on TV, holding microphones, berets, serpents, fuzzy ear muffs, stevie nicks, peacocks, beards and volvos, and hand warmers, oh, and cheerios. HATES: critters, clingers, people who can’t properly drive a stick shift, pre-mature ejaculation, half-Persians, quit dresses.

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