Right round like a record, baby.

I was catching up on all my BlogLovin’ the other day (and YES, you can follow us on there), and happened to read a post by Lovely Serendipity where she was talking about buying a new record player. And then I was all…

BACKGROUND STORY: My dad is an antique store and estate sale junkie. Since I was little, we would go to estate sales or old warehouse antique markets and peruse through all the riff raff looking for whatever it was that my dad was currently looking for.

Fountain pens. Tennis Rackets. Clocks.

Well, one day, he was antiquing, and he happened to bring me home a record.

The Beatles – Let it Be

And from that day on, I was hooked. Both on the Beatles and on records.

I started collecting records. We’d be at an estate sale — Fleetwood Mac, for 50 cents? Rolling Stones for $1? SOLD. My collection started to grow. Then, my freshman year of college, I got the weirdest combination of Christmas gifts.

From Mom? An Ipod.

From Dad? A record player.

Clash of the musical titans.

I moved out of the parental units home during college. My records came with me. When I moved back home two years later, the records moved with me and stayed in my room.

However, when I got pregnant, Boo got priority over the records. Crib went into my room, records went into the basement — with the exception of the Beatles records, which were in their own box. Privileged.

And then the basement flooded. Records = gone.

After reading the post on lovely serendipity, I decided that I was going to rebuild. Slowly, but surely.

So, I headed to the record store to visit my friends. And I have never been so overwhelmed. Where do I start? What did I have? I never kept like a running inventory of my records, I just kept adding to it. I probably even had an Olivia Newton John album or something*.

I wandered aimlessly through the records, not knowing where to start, and ended up leaving with two albums.

Store Clerk: A little freeze-frame for you?

Me: Don’t you judge me for getting J. Geils Band.

Store Clerk: Hey, I applaud you for even knowing who they are.

Me: Oh. Well. Thank you.

Store Clerk: No problem. It’s all love in here.

And so the quest continues.

Any suggestions, people? Since I’m pretty much starting from scratch and I don’t remember everything I had, I don’t know what I need to replace, or what I need to add, or where to even start.

Geez, this is depressing.

Although. I do know what my next purchase will be, once I can find it:

Tommy – The Who

*I did not own an Olivia Newton-John album. I did, however, own Grease.


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  2. thefroglyprince

    I hope some motown gets represented. I’ve been in a motown/blues kick recently.

  3. Cindy Lauper – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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