I win.

I think I’m going to make a GIF where I’m dancing around with the money I won from that bet.

I blogged for seven days straight, and ya’ll hung in there with me, since I got more readers last week than I did for like the ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY. So, basically, I guess that means I should probably blog on a more regular basis. Unfortunately, most of my creative mojo went away in that week where I had to keep finding things to write about for a week. So today, you get another rousing round of


  • St. Patrick’s Day happened. Last year, it was 80 degrees and I wore shorts and a green wig. This year, it snowed. I still wore shorts, so I could finally wear my suspenders.


I found a wig from my mothership, Targetfor $3 and debated wearing it, until I was getting ready:

Boo: Mom, look at your hair.

Me: I look like an oompa-loompa.

Boo: You’re the most beautiful oompa-loompa in the whole world ever.

Clearly, what happens on St. Patty's in 2012, stays in 2012.

Clearly, what happens on St. Patty’s in 2012, stays in 2012. RIP, Green hair.

  • I went to the circus. For real. Boo and I and the rest of the family took in the Shrine Circusdown at the so-much-sketchier-than-Van-Andel-Arena Deltaplex. There was an elephant that pooped through it’s entire act.

Dad: I’m pretty sure that the pooping was part of the act. I mean, at first, it was just funny, but then it just kept on pooping.

Me: Dad, how does one exactly plan when an elephant is going to poop?

Boo: That was the funniest pooping I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Me: Plus, there was that little kid who had to help the elephant sit down.

Dad: Oh, yeah. Nobody would want that job. I’d steer clear of any elephant’s behind, let alone one pooping.

  • I logged into my old AIM account.

Photo Credit to Sami’s Shenanigans.

Totally on a whim, since I had found the log of some of my old conversations — and that made me wonder if I could access all of my old conversations from high school and the beginning part of college — you know, before like facebook chat, and twitter, and everything else took over.

One of my old away messages. And my kickass screenname from back in the day.

One of my old away messages. And my kickass screenname from back in the day.

And that’s what you missed out on while I wasn’t blogging.

Next time on L.A.’s blog…

I’m totally disecting an entire AIM conversation from 2007. Or maybe I’m going to log in to AIM and try and have a conversation on it. I wonder who’s left on there…



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  1. This was fun to read!

  2. thefroglyprince

    Congrats on the win

  3. gahhh~ my AIM is sooo dead. i haven’t been on that thing since… i cant even remember O.O

    anyways i found your blog thru once upon a time 😀
    hope you are having a great day and keep up your posts!!!

    xoxo Sarah
    Enter My BirchBox Giveaway!

    • Thanks for the comment! I read Once Upon A Time earlier today, but haven’t had a chance to visit all the blogs!!

      I’ll come check yours out soon!


  4. A) I feel like I have had a similar conversation about poop…
    B) I am SO stealing “a hug for you from a sleeping me”. I don’t know for what yet, but it is saved in my iPhone notes.
    Also, you were even pretty damn witty back in the day too!

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