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Well, tomorrow will be the last day of this bet, and I’m getting pretty close to tapped out on my writing bug. The fitted sheet video isn’t quite ready yet — so I’ll post that tomorrow. But today, we bring you:


  • Habemus PapamI’m actually kind of excited by this. I’m Catholic. I care. I’m depressed I didn’t get to see the white smoke, but that I did get to catch all the twitter jokes. I’m full of memories about when I traveled to Rome when I was in high school, and saw Pope John Paul II and his red Pope shoes. 
  • I got my haircut. I tweeted all about it. I’m like a rainbow of colors.
  • I’ve decided to will spring on. Which means tomorrow, I’m going to wear a skirt to work. And maybe shave my legs. Maybe not. Probably just the skirt. Either way. Summer clothes, come out. Winter clothes, be gone. I’m closet cleaning, therefore. I’m not sure what to do with the reject pile — any suggestions??
  • One more day of this bet. The next day I post, it will be basically a photo of me with a twenty dollar bill and “what up, I won” face on.

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  1. Lemme try on the clothes you wanna get rid of! 😛

  2. Thank you for reading??? I don’t know if i was spammed or not but you were my first visitor, so you pretty much rock! If it was spam don’t tell me…no wait, actually

  3. thefroglyprince

    Looking amazing as always.

  4. love the new haircut! 🙂

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