The one show with the Old Star and the Young Star and the guy that’s a douchebag, probably.

We finished up The Bachelor tonight. Dad and I walked in from choir just in the nick of time — something dramatic happened and then he picked a girl.

And then sunset and elephants and all that good stuff happened. Yay, TV relationships! Yay, true love!

Then, the whole “this is what’s happening now” episode happened, and my Dad and I bantered through it up to the point where my mom was,

You guys suck. It’s true love. They’re getting married on national tv.”

And then she went to bed, and my dad and I ate some fish, and I came upstairs to blog for day 5.

I was starting to write about the Bachelor, because OMFG, elephants and caribou, and I was all set to have a “Sh!t my Mother Says” entry, when I realized we didn’t really say 50 words — which is the length that the blogs need to be for this bet that’s going on.

You know you does say a lot of words? My father and me.

For example:

Dad: So who’s this girl?

Me: She’s the reigning queen of country music.

Dad: Who’s the bitchy girl?

Me: The newcomer. They don’t get along.

Dad: Is that her boyfriend?

Me: That’s the guitarist for the queen. He’s sleeping with her.

Dad: Sleeping with the queen?

Me: No, the bitch. He used to sleep with the queen. They have a history.


Dad: Okay, so he’s sleeping with this blonde girl?

Me: But not this blonde. This blonde’s his niece.

Dad: They look the same.

Me: She’s a lighter blonde.


Dad: I can’t tell. Is this girl the princess of country?

Me: She’s a waitress. She sings with this guy.

Dad: Oh, so she’s probably sleeping with him.

Me: Not yet. She’s got a boyfriend.

Dad: He looks like a douchebag.


Me: It’s because he is.

Dad: This guy looks like a douchebag too.

Me: He’s running for mayor.

Dad: Well, how’s he connected?

Me: He’s married to the queen.


Dad: I thought she was sleeping with this guitarist.

Me: Not this guitarist, but with that guitarist. And they don’t anymore. He’s sleeping with the blonde.

Dad: The mean blonde or his niece?

Awkward pause.

Dad: Never mind. I’m going to bed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, network TV and my father present Nashville.



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  1. love your conversations with your parents. they always make my day. 😉

  2. Despite the love I have for both Connie and Hayden…I’m suddenly glad I don’t watch Nashville.

  3. A) Sooo… was there, or was there not a caribou at your parents wedding?! BC that would be awesome. #inquiringmindswanttoknow

    B) I like that your dad says douchebag.

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