I’m leaving you here, dear, alone with all my letters.

Sunday typically falls under the “clean all the shit” day in my house. It’s really the only day everyone in my family is home, so we actually sit down and eat together, and talk together, and cheer for golf together, since NBC was airing golf today and we only have four channels.

Maybe 5, but one of them is old school 80’s music videos.

I usually take my Sundays to clean my room, and remake my bed, and YES, I DID MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT FOLDING A FITTED SHEET.

Today, however, I took the time to catch up on all my long forgotten correspondences.

Even Boo was writing the mails with me!

If you haven’t clicked the link for #lettersfromLA at the top, then you’re missing out. Not necessarily on me, even though I personally believe I’m sixteen different shades of awesome. But on the whole experience of letter writing. There’s something so much better about opening up your mailbox, not your inbox, and finding something tangible — a letter, or salt water taffy from California, or Fudge from Mackinac Island, or chocolate from Austria. Sealing wax, or a ticket stub from something half a world away.

If you’re on instagram or twitter, check out a hashtag like #snailmail, or #snailmailrevolution or even #lettersfromLA (Yours truly). The amount of creativity that people put into their mail is astounding and so cool to receive.

One of my FAVORITE IG accounts to follow! @SnailMailMagazine

One of my FAVORITE IG accounts to follow! @SnailMailMagazine

So I’m tossing these beauties in the mail today. I made the envelopes, and I hope they make it in one piece. If you want one, you can follow me on twitter, or instagram, or fill out the form at the top of the page that I keep mentioning.

I promise, you’ll love it.

Update: International mail went up from $1.05 to 1.10. Ya’ll owe me some loose change.

BTW.  If you’re following along on this bet of seven days:

Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4.


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