Almost losing a bet in 54 minutes. Day 2.

It occurs to me, as a man who is talented with card tricks entertains Alto and I, that I am 54 minutes away from losing a bet.

A man came up to us, with our hard ciders and our crack fries, with a deck of cards.

He’s MAGIC, you guys. I’d italicize that, but I’m not sure how to do that on the iPhone app.


I’m picking a card.


He’s setting it aside.


He’s putting down another card next to my card. My card is closer to my drink.


Saying magical words, and then…


I don’t know how it moved. But it did. I’m not sure which is more magical. The fact that he keeps doing all these tricks, or the fact that he used card tricks to come up to the table, or the fact that all his friends joined him at our table as the tricks continued.

I wish there were a better way to illustrate this. Maybe I’ll take a video. Blog posted. Crisis averted.

Day 1YOU ARE HEREDay 3Day 4


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  1. thefroglyprince

    Nothing is hotter than a magician…right?

  2. Cheesiest way of meeting girls EVER. Oh computer majors…

    • I’M TOTALLY PROUD OF THEM…for ingenuity though. That was a bold move. I still think you should add GoldDust’s last name on facebook! lol

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