L-O-V-E, I love you. And also chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and other Valentine’s Paraphernalia.

I learned how  to spell Paraphernalia today. Actually, I spelled it incorrectly twice,  before I finally caved and let spell check* work it’s magic. But that’s not the point of today’s post.

The point is that it’s Valentine’s day.

Or it might be Singles Awareness Day, depending on your relationship status in life or on facebook. Either way, today is a holiday, and we should be celebrating, right?

Pt: It’s so festive in here! Did you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Me: No, actually it’s our anniversary month! It just worked out that Valentine’s is the same month.

Anniversary Decor

Pt: I bet you’re rebelling against today. You’re in all black.

Me: I just wear a lot of black!

Pt: You hate Valentine’s!

Don't wear black on any day where it might construe that you hate something about that day.

Don’t wear black on any day where it might construe that you hate something about that day.

Me: I do not! I decorated!

Pt: But you said it was for your anniversary!

Me: It’s in honor of both!

Pt: So, you are celebrating Valentine’s day! Who’s your special someone?

Me: I don’t know! I’m not really celebrating Valentine’s, so I’m not going to go around throwing rose petals in the air!

Pt: …I don’t think anyone should do that.

Me: But I’m not so disgruntled about life that I’m going to put on black as a statement to all the happy coupl-y people! I’m not going around yelling that today is Singles Awareness Day!

Pt: …no one should do that either.

Me: I don’t know how I feel about today! I don’t even know what today is!

Pt: …it’s okay. It’s just Thursday.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, ya’ll. 

*Spell check, by the way, is two words. At least it is according to spell check. I wonder if “autocorrect**” is one word.

**Spell check says auto correct is two words.


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  1. Spell check is kinda a dick…

    *Spell check says kinda is two words.

    • Kinda. No, spell check didn’t get that one for me!

      Although, it DID offer to change “spellcheck,” one word, to either “spell check,” “spell-check,” OR “spellchecker.”

      I find it odd that “spellchecker” is one word, while spell check isn’t.

  2. guess pt wouldn’t liked my outfit on v-day either because i too wear black most of the time! haha
    i hate when people think they know what you’re like just because you dress in certain colours. so annoying!!

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