Happy [Belated] Birthday, Honest Abe! And also BEARDS.

I was scrolling through my timeline today, when I saw the following tweet from Letters of Note:

from twitter.com/lettersofnote

from twitter.com/lettersofnote

Letters of Notes is one of my favorite blogs to read — one for the snail mail, since ya’ll know how much I love my #lettersfromLA, and two for it’s content, which is always fun to read.

I knew Lincoln’s birthday was somewhere in February, but not exactly when. As you may or may not know, my father bears a resemblance to Abe Lincoln, which is generally what I use to describe him when I tell people about him.

“Yeah, that’s my Dad, the tall guy that looks like Abe Lincoln with a moustache.”

Therefore, in honor of [the day after] Honest Abe’s birthday, I bring you the following story:

When my sister and I were in grade school, my mother didn’t drive, so it fell upon my father to pick us from school and activities and the like. However, my father has an issue with time, and being on it, probably because all the thousands of clocks in my house are set five to ten minutes apart. No one ever knows the real time.

This ended a lot of times with being the last kids picked up, or going over to friends’ houses until Dad came to get us. This also involved me being exposed to hockey, but that’s another story for another time.

So, one day, VS and I are waiting with all the kids to get picked up and the principal yells out to us, “Hoyer girls! Your dad is here!”

And so I looked at the car. And I looked at VS. And VS looked at the car. And VS looked at me.

But neither of us went to the car. Because there was a strange man sitting in the car that was absolutely not our father.

The parking lot emptied, and VS and I remained. Obviously, Dad was just late. The principal took us back towards the school with him to call our dad and find a way home, when we saw the strange man walking towards us. He was tall and skinny like dad. He had the same old blue coat like dad. He had the same old, ugly boots as dad.

“Isn’t that your dad?” asked the principal.

Where,” VS asked, scandalized. “Is his beard?!”

Apparently, my dad had had the day off. And with that day off, had decided to shave off his beard, rendering him basically unrecognizable at first glance to his daughters.

Fully Bearded Father. Back in the day, it was a brown beard.

Fully Bearded Father. Back in the day, it was a brown beard.

If you read the letter I mentioned over on Letters of Note, you’ll find out how Lincoln grew his beard, and maybe gained a few extra votes in becoming president. Seriously. Go read it. Maybe get caught up in reading a few more letters.

Courtesy of LettersofNote.com

Courtesy of LettersofNote.com

Moral of the story: grow a beard, and fabulous things like becoming the president could happen to you. And maybe your kids will know who you are, and let you take them home.



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  1. I followed a blog of yours forever ago, and always meant to check out your new one, but my laziness got the best of me. The other day I was searching for your book to see if it ever got published and found this blog. I was super excited (because you are awesome to read) but still don’t know what happened to your book. I would very much like to read it if it is available anywhere (and even if it isn’t). And on the topic of shaved facial hair, when we were little my dad shaved his mustache and my sister, who was five at the time, was terrified of him and cried every time he got near her until it grew back in.

    • Sarah — thank you so much for hunting me down!! Which blog did you read? On the topic of my book, it IS with an editor, we are about 105ish pages through the 270 total pages. After that, I’m off to try and get it published. At the very least, I’ll be publishing it as an ebook! Occasionally, I’ve posted snippets out of the book on blogs — I think there is an excerpt floating around here on chicksinthemitt. But I will for sure keep readers posted when it available for purchase!!

      There actually is a family photo where my father shaved his moustache –my son refuses to believe it’s his grandpa. He says it’s “sort of Papa John.”

      • I think the blog was actually called Hooks Ups, Let Downs, and the Other Nine Inches. It was on blogger, not wordpress. I can’t wait to read the book whenever it comes out.

        And facial hair makes the biggest difference in the world. You wouldn’t think so at first, but it can completely disguise someone.

      • Oh wow, that was the first blog I ever made! I’m glad you managed to find me again!

        And that’s absolutely true about facial hair. With the exception of mustaches. Because those things just look a caterpillar decided to creep across your lip.

        Actually. At one point:

        Me: So, what’s with the mustache?
        Pt with mustache: Oh. I’m bringing it back.
        Me to CoWorker: Just like sexy.

        We were kidding, obvs. But I could NOT stop staring at the ‘stache.

  2. This post is just awesome. 🙂 Love you.

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