If I were a vegetarian, I just wouldn’t eat.

So, I gave up fast food for 2013. I know. I’m crazy. But with the exception of a random chicken sandwich here and there, I’ve been doing pretty well at avoiding it.


Not really. If you eat fast food, it’s okay, because normally it’s another block of the food pyramid for me. Mmmm, french fries.

But with this taboo on all things fried and delicious, I’ve been finding my way to other places to eat when I go out. Panera. Sami’s Gyros. Subway. The list isn’t that long for places where I can get a quick bite and not go crazy on the moneys. Which means not only am I eating better, but I’m eating out less and therefore spending less.

eating well. saving money. WHO AM I?!

It’s like this New Year’s Resolution crap is bettering me as a human being. WTF?!

Anyway. I head out to Subway yesterday, because it is one of the few places left on my “acceptable” list.

I ate there a week or two earlier, ordered a foot long, ate it in fifteen minutes or less, and ran out. The guy behind the counter gave me a slow clap for my eating skills. But I was running late and had places to be and not enough time to properly chew and swallow my food. Life goes on.

So, I walk into Subway yesterday, and get into the line. It’s long. The restaurant is full. I have a few nurses in front of me, and some construction looking men behind me. The line trundles forward. I finally get to the counter and start placing my order. The guy making my sub looks at me.

“Hey, it’s you!” he says.

“I’m back,” I smile.

“This girl,” he starts doing this pointing thing. He’s pointing at me. It’s very blatant. He’s very loud. And everyone is looking.

“This girl can scarf a footlong.” He’s still pointing at me. I’m probably six shades of purple. The people on either side of me are looking and chuckling.  The kid behind the counter starts that clap again.

Next post: L.A. learns to cook.


P.S. How are you doing on your resolutions? Please share lots of embarrassing moments to raise my self esteem. Comment, or hunt me down on the twitter. I’m the one with the paper bag on my head.


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  1. The nurses in front of you are on your side. We know how to scarf food in minutes, or seconds even. No worries. 🙂

  2. Much love for using a Boy Meets World GIF; and for putting down a foot long in 15 minutes. Men will always respect a woman who is willing to get her face dirty on ribs, over the cliche’ salad.

    I “resolved” to give up salty snacks (chips, crackers) because I just never feel good about myself after eating [an entire bag/box in one sitting].

    I did cave this last weekend and ate a bag or kettle chips with a spinach/artichoke dip. But not too shabby making it a month cold-turkey before having to ‘reset the clock’.

    • A month is good — don’t most resolutions not make it past the first week or two?? Like that’s why you avoid the gym until all the posers give up??

      Also. I love ribs. They’re delicious, and I like when they serve them with the wet nap. It’s like you’re getting spoon fed deliciousness.

  3. Haha! Love this post. The clapping gif tops it all off! 🙂

  4. LOL @ the last bit! I tried giving up fast food before, it worked for a while until I had no choice but to eat fast food because I had forgotten to buy groceries and had no choice but to go to the McDonald’s at our condo’s ground floor. Although I think once you stop, it’s easier to keep going. Apparently fast food has chemicals that make you crave it more. It also helps to think of McDonald’s as something REALLY gross. As for other fast food places, try googling gross stuff about it too so you wont ever crave for their food ever again! Haha

  5. thefroglyprince

    I’m the one on the bottom right…

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