Violence isn’t really supposed to be funny.

Me: I’ve decided to try and be a comedian. I’m pretty funny a lot of time. People always laugh.

Gustav: They’re laughing at you. Not with you.

Me: that line is overused. You stole that humor. Therefore, you are not funny, and I don’t believe you.

Gustav: You’re delusional.

Me: If by delusional, you mean hilarious.

Gustav: No, because “funny” isn’t “i took seven hours to write a blog about a deer getting mauled by a vampire.” It’s “Dane Cook trained a monkey to help him rob a bank.” People who write just aren’t funny as people who do stand up.

Me: FALSE. But seriously, all I need to do is to want a trained monkey and I’ll be funny to you?

Gustav: No, that’s not all. But what funny thing are you going to do with a trained monkey?

Me: Punch you in the face, for one thing.

Gustav: Right. And where are you going to find a violent, angry monkey?

Me: You should really read funny people more.


Screenshot from

Gustav: I don’t want that thing near me.

Me: He’ll be sitting next to you at my first stand up gig.

Gustav: You still won’t be funny.

Me: But a cynical man getting attacked by my small angry monkey, that’s funny. And since it’ll be at my gig, I’m going to take credit. I told you I was funny.


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