Happy Wednesday Post Day! I stole the idea from Jenna Marbles in all her fabulous to post once a week. That way, things are sort of regular, and I don’t have to make an ass out of myself trying to be funny on random. I just have to be funny once a week. It’s a work in progress. And it means that at least you haven’t seen me when I’m drinking and thinking I’m a comedian. I pause occasionally for people to laugh. If they don’t laugh, I’m sure I play a laugh track in my head. It’s not pretty.

Anyway. I had a post that I wrote last week, on the appropriately dubbed “Hangover Saturday.” It has pictures and tweets and funny moments and alcohol, which really helps the moments if they are not, in fact, funny. But current events have lead me to not wanting to post that post, despite the funny. It’s one of those ironic moments. I hate it. So, instead, I bring you… tales of many Asians hanging out together and being funny!

*This post was originally posted in May of 2011. I attempted to write it on an HTC evo, but I don’t know if you knew. Smartphones have really tiny keyboards.

There is a game I learned in the sixth grade. It uses scrabble tiles, but nixes the board, and allows billions to play.

TheAsian and I have taken it upon ourselves to make this our game.

Speed Scrabble consists of starting with every player starting with three tiles. You make these three tiles into a word (or words, all being connected, of course, in your own mini-scrabble board) and when all your tiles are used, you get to [loudly and obnoxiously] yell “Go.” This makes everyone pick an additional tile. You keep going until all the tiles are used. Whoever uses all their tiles when all the tiles are picked gets to once again yell [loudly and obnoxiously], “Stop.” Game Over. Tally up your letters.

So, theAsian and I are playing Speed Scrabble. It’s a fabulous game. Jehovah is trying to play too, but when you first learn this game, you don’t realize that speed is over length and spelling “dodecahedron” just makes you a losing chatch with lots of unused tiles.

ANYWAY. TheAsian is stuck. There is an angry “C” tile that he can’t use.

“Spell Cunt,” BabyDaddy tells him. He’s so excited that this is possible. “You can totally spell cunt.”

We debate for a moment if “cunt” can be used in scrabble. Is it, in fact a word?

“I’m dictionary.com-ing this.” BabyDaddy is dead set on being right on the usage of “cunt.”

“You’re googling ‘cunt?'” I ask.

“NO. I’m dictionary.com-ing ‘cunt’.” He’s so proud.

Next thing you know, BabyDaddy is waxing philosophic about cunthooks and boats. And angry women, and clitori. And sex. Sex too. Cunt has a lots of definitions.

Jehovah is really upset. He’s losing at speed scrabble and theAsian and I are now laughing too much to even be trying. Neither of us even spelled cunt.

I call him a cunthook, however. So we did learn from this experience.

“I didn’t learn enough.” Jehovah declares.


Jehovah has left. BabyDaddy is eating cold White Castle. TheAsian and I are still laughing.

“So wait. You can have cunt with a cunt?” I ask.

Long pause.

“No. Wait. You can use it THREE times in a sentence,” I say.

“You can have cunt with a cunt’s cunt!” TheAsian exclaims. “I was thinking it the whole time but didn’t know if I should say it outloud!”

“I need to blog this,” I tell him. “You can help me.” I get my phone and we sit down. I try to type but we’re still laughing.

And it’s such a tiny keyboard.


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