Hey! It’s Septober! Also! We’re old!

The following conversation happened last weekend:

GoldDust: We still need to learn to golf.

L.A.: We live in Michigan. Our chances are over. We have officially entered the “snow and complain about life” portion of the year.

GoldDust: We can go to indoor places.

L.A.: THEY HAVE THOSE? Indoor sand traps? Can we wear bikinis and pretend it’s the beach?!

GoldDust: It’s actually just like the range. We can just hit golf balls.

L.A.: I’m less thrilled.

GoldDust: But then next summer, we can go out and be pros.

L.A.: …can we still dress up?

Priorities, people.

It was on my list of things “to do” this summer, completely separate from my life goal list, to learn to golf. We talked about it, and talked about it, and talked about it*. And then we never did it. Apparently, the point of this blog is that what comes with my quarter life crisis is the year flying by.

It’s Septem October, kids. It’s time to think about Halloween and pumpkins and wearing leggings under my scrubs.

But all this golf talk reminded me of the following event from last summer:

Golfing: an excuse to get close on a first date (photo credit to fotalia.com)

I had a date today.

Don’t get too excited. Actually, scroll up to the top of the page and get excited over the new header. That’s about as gleeful as I’m letting you get.

Let me repeat myself: I had a date today.

I’m not talking like I had a date earlier and now it’s over and I’m blogging about it. It’s 9:58 am. When would this date have happened? 7 am breakfast? 5 am booty call? No.

I had a date. It just didn’t happen.

Let’s call this boy D. We don’t know, after all, if he’ll be sticking around. It was a blind date, so not meeting him makes it harder for him to get a blog name. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed.

We made plans last Sunday to hang out today. He is supposed to teach me how to golf. I’m not sure why I want to learn to golf, but it seems like one of those things that gets a conversation going. Do you golf? Oh yes, I play at random golf course. Oh, I’ve played out there, it’s a beautiful course.

On second thought, I just fell asleep thinking about that conversation. I just want to learn to say that I did. And buy cute plaid shorts. And a matching polo.

Well. Here we are. Last night I was thinking to myself…how the hell did we decide on golfing? And I was debating if I was going to pull a typical L.A. move and bail before he got the chance to not be what I was looking for, or to bail on me, etc.


It rained.

Did you know you can’t play golf in the rain?

So, let me repeat myself: I had a date today.

I’m going to have to write this boy a sternly worded letter informing him of these indoor golf places.

How about you, readers? Did you realize that it’s October?!

*By “talked about it,” I definitely mean “discussed knee socks.”


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  1. sorry to hear the rain jacked up your date…wow…a morning golf date…what is coming of this world? Hmm…well i guess if sex is gonna happen on the first date, then it might be a nice nooner… meh…freakin’ rain….


    • If it helps, the rain didn’t stop sex, the first date aspect did.

      So we could have played golf at any time with no worries…at least about sex.

  2. Mini golf is a good blind date. Golf golf…I don’t know. It’s a great excuse for touching (especially if you need help with your form), but if one of you is not digging the other then things could just get awkward a bit.

    But I fully intend of planning a golf date sometime soon myself. It is summer after all. And everyone should learn to appreciate hitting the heck out of a rubberized-shelled ball with a titanium stick.

    • There would indeed be a lot of touching…since I have no form whatsoever. I’ve golfed twice in my life. Unless you count putt putt. Which I’m assuming doesn’t count.

      But see? Men like golf dates! That can’t be a bad thing that I want to learn then!

      And who doesn’t want to appreciate hitting a rubber shelled ball with a whatchamacallit stick??!!

  3. Ick…golf is so boring. I was a golf cart driver as my first job. All we did was drive people around all day. It was very boring.

    I think getting sports involved in a date is kinda risky. It seems like it might be a good way to get too aggressive and competitive. Whoever loses is going to be kinda let down probably. At least golf is a game with drinking kinda tied into it. I don’t know about the golf courses near you but ours always have the high school aged hooters-girls-in-the-making go around and get old guys drinks from the clubhouse. I always found that kinda creepy.

    • Lol, well the guy isn’t an old guy, so that takes away the creepy part. And a little competition is healthy! Although in this case I wouldn’t have to worry because it was going to be at a driving range — no competing allowed.

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