I’d like to open this post with a letter to Gary Bettman.

Dear Gary,

Love, Hockey Fans Everywhere

That about sums it up.

I think we all know by now that I’m a hockey fan. If you didn’t know this, catch up, will you? If you’re a hockey fan, or if you like hockey and come to my office regularly for  your tidbit of hockey knowledge from me, then you know that the NHL has locked out again, because Bettman was just looking for another reason to add chatch-nugget to his business cards.

Basically, fans, we’re fucked.

Which is really unfortunate, because through all these debates about:

a) who needs to get more money among the owners and the players

b) just how much of a chatch Gary Bettman is

we still don’t get our hockey fix on.

So, who’s suffering, really? Nightmare on Helm Street wrote a post about everyone else affected by the lockout — the people employed by the Red Wings, the people not making the big bucks, who are not the players or owners but are your fellow average person making a fellow average wage.

And what about the people who just freaking love hockey? You know, the fans?

Well. I have a four year old son now. He’s commonly known as Boo on the blog here, and his birthday falls rather perfectly into pre-season hockey. 

Boo’s 1st Birthday.

So, since I love hockey so much and I wanted him to love it like I do, every year, we’ve gotten tickets and headed down to the Joe for some Birthday Hockey. Boo even learned, when he was itty bitty, to say the entire line up…to a certain extent. I’m sure Zetterberg understood that “Zumberbug,” meant him. Since Boo got to be really into hockey too (don’t know how), we kept this tradition up. Pre-season hockey was much more chill, and so kind of the perfect environment for the little guy.

2nd Birthday. Forgot the sign in the car.

It’s now tradition. And I am big on the traditions of my life.

3rd Birthday. We still forgot the sign in the car. But this year, we lucked into the cheapest fourth row seats I’ve ever had.


Well, as of today, as the lockout continues, I’d like to add to that sentiment at the beginning of this post:

Gary Bettman, You are RUINING my tradition.

Boo turned four yesterday. This is the first year that I won’t be able to take my Boo to a hockey game for his birthday. And while, yes, I know, he’s only four, and he is distracted by other things like OMFG, Cake and Candles, I still am a little heart broken that our ritual will have to be postponed.

Maybe the winter classic can serve as his birthday…since they better get things sorted by then.

How about you, out there in the interwebs world? How are you affected by this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, lockout?



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  1. This SUCKS. Lockouts SUCK. The days drag on and on and on without the sound of ice being blown in a goalie’s grill or the crunch as Kronwall lays some fool out on his face. *le sigh*

  2. i’m just wondering… is the blonde guy on the left in every photo (btw why is he always on the left? i somehow find it really weird) babydaddy?? i just read the post twice and you don’t say who he is, do you? am i right or totally blind? haha

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