Spooked, and other vibrations.

Back in the  late 1960s or early 1970s,  Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island was a college, home to one Harvey, a love smitten student. Story goes that Harvey was in love with another student, proposed to her, and was flat out turned down. Broken hearted, he shot and killed himself. This happened in winter. His body wasn’t discovered until summer. Now, his ghost haunts the bluff where he shot himself, as well as the Mission Point Resort where his college once was*.

Granted, this might not be the exact story. But it’s what I remember our guide telling us, while we sat in the Mission Point theater on a tour of haunted downtown Mackinac Island**.

You might remember, that I do not do well with ghosts, or hauntings, or anything like that. The exception to the rule is my grandfather’s spirit visiting at Christmas. But everything else — no.

My typical response.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to be going on this ghost walk. But BabyDaddy and LittleBro were all sorts of gung-ho about it, so off we went. The first few stops, we were just observing where hauntings have happened, and from the outside, I was okay. A little cold, as we were outside at 11 at night, in Northern Michigan, but that’s neither here nor there as far as ghosts go. Then we got to Mission Point.

As we were walking, another person asked if anyone had ever experienced anything on the island.

This is LittleBro and BabyDaddy’s level of enthusiasm.

Back in 2007, BabyDaddy invited me to the island with his family. We stayed at the Stonecliffe Inn, which is off the beaten path of the main street of the island, and which also is where a little girl is rumored to haunt the road to the Inn. Of course, knowing this, the boys had to run off and see if they could run into this ghost. Armed with a digital camera, they took off ghost hunting.

They came back after awhile, with no ghost sighting, but with some pictures with those strange orbs in them, which may or may not be ghosts or something or the sort. No big deal.

That night, after we had fallen asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night. BabyDaddy had his arms around me, which was normal. He was also tightening his grip to the point where I couldn’t breathe, which was not.

I freaked out, and yelled for LittleBro, who pulled BabyDaddy off me, waking him up. He’d been fast asleep the entire time. He didn’t remember a damn thing about what had just happened.

We regaled this tale to some of the other people on the tour. They thought it was cool. I did not. My input was making a face. So, when we ended up in this theater, haunted by Harvey, I was more than a little freaked out.

Meanwhile, the guide was telling us more about the hauntings in the theater. “This seat, right in front of me, where I sat that girl…”  I looked around me. I was right in front of the stage. Me? Was I the girl in the seat? “…is where Harvey sat…”

I squirmed in my seat, trying not to think about where I was sitting. The guide continued on to say that Harvey often pulled on girls’ hair and…oh God. My hair wasn’t being pulled, but I felt a weird tickling tracing up my spine.

It’s not a ghost, it’s not a ghost. I tried to tell myself. And then I felt that sensation again.

The guide told us to head towards the stage and I attempted to calmly walk away from my seat, lest I seem completely freaked out. The sensation followed me.

“I sat in the dead man’s seat,” I hissed at GoldDust, when I reached her.

“Yeah, but she put you there.” GoldDust answered. “I willingly sat in the spot where the strange form was seen. I picked that seat!”

I felt the sensation again and grabbed onto GoldDust. But standing up now, I recognized the feeling. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and practically cried out of relief. One missed call.

“I thought it was Harvey, but it was just my mother!”


*A much more accurate telling of this story can probably be seen on this Ghost Hunting show. I haven’t watched it. I don’t do well with scary.

**The tour we went on was the Downtown Haunted History tour, by Haunts of Mackinac. I’d recommend it, because it was really interesting, even though, like I said, I don’t do well with scary.





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  1. Thus was awesome. I could reay see you fraking out and the boys being all over this. Thanks for sharing. I love this blog!

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