And we’ll all float on, alright?

So, something you may or may not have learned about me over the past year or two I’ve been blogging is that I’m the keeper of a fabulous bucket listI’ve been keeping a bucket list for years and years now, since the 1990’s of my childhood. And now that I’m getting older, I get to cross more and more things off of the list.

Ride a zamboni? Check.

Be on the big screen at a sports event? Check.

Dance on a bar, albeit in a somewhat less talented fashion that the girls in Coyote Ugly?

Oh, that’s a big fat “check because I danced on a bar with my BFF and a Greek Man”

You can thus imagine how exciting it is when I get to cross another adventure of the list.

Today’s adventure in L.A. land? Tubing. To be correct, a floatdown.

You may remember a movie from back in the day. Before Britney Spears shaved her head and attacked things with umbrellas. When Sabrina was a teenage witch with a talking cat who told us to be damn grateful that it was Friday.

Somewhere in the realms of this movie is a part where all the cool kids in high school (which we’ve already acknowledged that I really wasn’t, break my heart) get  together in similar bathing suits and float on a river.

Here they are. Chilling on a river.

And just like that, it was on my bucket list. So when BabyDaddy pitched going to the Port Huron Float Down this past weekend, all I thought was:


Things I learned from the Port Huron Float Down this weekend:

1. Floats= Big deal of the float down. Surprise!

BabyDaddy and I went on a “float finding quest” the day before the floatdown happened. End of summer, trying to find big pool toys? Very, very hard. GoldDust had discovered a discount toy store a few days before and would spend the day on a giant sea shell which I swear was actually a giant blow up vagina. It kept that nickname the whole trip.

I, meanwhile, luckily stumbled upon a giant turtle, which when blown up, resembled more of a baby dinosaur.Either way, I learned that giant pool toys are not the most durable. The floats all get tied together, so…

The epic tale and fail of the giant turtle float.

2. You’re gonna lose shit…

Brought a pair of Coach sunglasses. Leaned back or something at some point, and off they went. Gone forever. Not quite sure exactly how they went missing.

3. …So bring extra…

GoldDust and I came prepared with drink, but somehow neglected to bring cups. We thus ended up borrowing them from some other people floating with us.

Balancing on a float while not spilling booze and not falling in? This takes skill. There is a direct correlation to the amount of skill you have at keeping your cup upright to the amount of liquid that’s gone from the cup into your system. Thus…

That’s right. My second cup. I remember breaking the first one, when I fell in the water and tried to keep the cup out of the Lake. I did, but my grip of steel broke poor red solo.

4. …don’t bring too much extra…

See comment about straight vodka.

And thus, another item gets checked off the bucket list. Has anyone else gotten to check anything off their list lately?




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  1. The one, and only, float trip I’ve been on (so far) resulted in my sunglasses falling off my head and settling at the bottom of the river. I feel your pain (though mine were $10 from a kiosk in a mall in Santa Monica).

  2. HAHAHA! Love the artwork! Though not sure if you are wearing a bikini or granny panties? Sounds like a very relaxing afternoon. Just floating down the river. Poor turtle floaty.

    • LOL. Hey. Paint art is hard. Send me an iPad and I’ll do better 🙂 And don’t even worry about it. It was a bikini. I was nervous that it would come off during the floating but everything was okay.

      • HAHAHA yeah Ill get right on getting you an iPad. Keep up the drawing skills.

        Why would you be nervous it would come off? Were you in rapids? LOL!

      • Lol, well, let’s just say there is no classy way to climb onto a float from the river. It’s like watching a drunk monkey trying to climb a coconut tree.

  3. I am in love with the women in the photo on the bar. That is all.

  4. Looks like I’m not the only one that lost their sunglasses! LOL Mine were a cheap K-Mart pair though. Everything I had in my boat ended up in the water, since I tipped it over trying to get out and cool off in the water. LOL

    • HA, that’s classic. I never actually flipped my float because when I went in the water, it was by pure accident. There’s no reason for the float to tip when I’ve fallen in already.

  5. Ken they are pretty hot arnt they? 🙂

  6. L.A.: Next year, go to the Spirit Shop and check out the floats they have available for the Float Down. They come in a one-person model and a two-person model. Both models have cup holders, which come in handy. The two-person float has a cooler built in! Not only will it hold all of your drinks but all of your supplies as well. The Float Down is always the third SUnday of August and gets better every year! CMT

    • Freakin’ fabulous advice. I’m definitely thinking this is a repeat event, especially if I can find a giant turtle with a cooler built in. Best of all worlds.

  7. Good morning I think that your blog is really nice!

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