It’s almost like I can predict the future.

Congratulations Michael, on swimming really, really, really, really, really ridiculously fast.

At some point in time, a conversation happened that took more time than it took Michael Phelps to swim from one end of a really big pool to another.

Me: Hey, I got a tweet. Michael Phelps wins the silver medal in the swimmy really fast competition. Gold goes to some man from some other country who is apparently even more ridiculously fast. Maybe he has webbed feet.

Co-Worker: Oh no, I was going to watch that tonight. I suppose I won’t have to now.

Me: I’m so sorry. It’s all USAToday’s lightning fast iPhone App’s fault. That and NBC, for being a chatch-canoe and not airing things when they actually happen.

Co-Worker: Chatch-canoe?

Me: It’s an insult in progress.

At some point that night when NBC decides that it might be important to air some Olympics.

Me: Michael Phelps loses here. I saw it earlier on twitter.

My Aunt: Oh yeah, he loses?

Me: Well, he gets silver, so he still wins something, I guess. [Says the girl whose only medals are for being the best Catholic School girls soccer team in BOTH 2000 and 2001.]

My Aunt: Oh well, that’s good.

At some point when the race starts.

Me: This is so sad that he loses. He’s so freaking fast, with his fish-like body.

Me: OMG, seriously, he’s so fast.

Me: He’s in the lead!

Me: Swim faster, Michael Phelps! Swim faster!

My Aunt: You said he loses?


At some point after Michael loses.

Me: Well. I thought he had it for a minute there.

My Aunt: But he got silver?

Me: I know. I knew that’s how it ended.


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  1. Don’t even play – I knew too – and still cheered my little heart out.

  2. I love these recent entries all about the olympics. I keep getting “spoiler” alerts via CNN on my phone. Each time I say that I won’t read them but I do. Then I watch the taped coverage at night and still get nervous for Gabby Douglas as she performs and cheer and get teared up when she wins. I am still screaming at the swimmers and crossing my fingers for the gymnasts, divers, and many other athletes. I think I just love watching people do things that I don’t even dream about being able to do. I just love watching and reading your commentary!

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