One fish, big fish, sister hates fish.

Once upon a time, I was a baby. I remember nothing of those days. My first memory came from when I was two years old. But apparently, things happened before the point where I can begin to remember. I can hardly fathom this, as I am so important, but whatever. Things happened. For example:

We are on a beach. I am one. My sister is three. My father is swimming with us, and it’s that time of the year where seaweed and fish come up on the shore of Lake Michigan. There are pictures of me picking up seaweed with this disgusted look on my face like WTF have you gotten me into, parentals?

The story goes from there that I was on the shore with my mom, and my sister is splashing in the water with my father. All of a sudden, he comes running out of the water. Apparently, a fish saw a mole on his back, thought it was food, and bit it.

He ran out of the water with the fish hanging onto his back.

…and my sister was never the same.

This is how I picture the event to have happened.

From that day on, my sister was afraid of fish. Being Asian, this was not a good fear to have. She’d close her eyes at parties where there were whole fish being served and I’d lead her past, lest she need to look the dead fish in his creepy slimy eyes.

At one point growing up, when she and I got into a fight about cleaning, I took a frozen fish we had in the freezer and chased her around the house with it. I think I might have tied it to her doorknob for a period of time too. That was a rocky point in our sisterhood.

Even at Christmas one year, when someone was given a giant stuffed fish pillow, she freaked out whenever I tossed it at her. My sister is terribly afraid of fish.

Which leads to my amazement at the following event:

We’re driving home from the Michigander, and we pass through this little town called Kalkaska, MI. It’s tiny. The Chamber of Commerce isn’t even open. VS all of a sudden is thrilled.

Look at that,” she tells me. She suddenly is veering to the right hand side of the road.

I glance out the window. “What about it?” I ask her.

There’s a giant fish.” She’s in awe of it.

“…You’re pulling over?” I ask, confused.

It’s a giant fish!

I’m not sure what to do now. “…But…you’re afraid of fish.”

But,” she argues.  “how often do you get to take a picture with a giant fish?!”

Well, hello there, fishy.

Point taken, dear sister.


We are driving to Cadillac to meet our parents. We assume we will beat them, because Dad drives the speed limit, and terrible Asian drivers (i.e. VS) do not. However, we arrive after them. It’s a strange thing.

“What took you so long?” Dad asks.

“We’ve been here HOURS,” Mom adds.

“Well,” VS begins. “Didn’t you see the giant fish?!”



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  1. LMFAO … I love that you chased her around the house with a frozen fish… only sisters can do that and still be best friends.

  2. You are a sick and twisted individual. I think that is why I love you so much…

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