Bikini Season: codename, self conscious females arise

Yesterday marked the beginning of outdoor soccer. Which should be a great thing, right? It means being outside in the sun, getting tan while you run, playing for longer…all good things, yes? Well, outdoor soccer yesterday taught me one thing yesterday:

This speaks for itself.

Before anyone starts giving me grief, I know I am thin. But there is a big difference between being thin and being in shape. And I admit it:

I am so out of shape.

It’s funny. I’ve been pretty active my whole life. I’ve been long distance biking since I was 11. Playing soccer since 6th grade.  Just constantly moving. But the older I get, the harder it is to make time for it, and now all of sudden…I have podge. And I hates the podge. Because you know what comes along with outdoor soccer?

Summer. Namely, bikini season.

I downright refuse to get to the point where I can’t wear a bikini and be okay with myself. And I’m scared I’m getting to the point where I can’t. Sure, it might just be me being self conscious about my body image, but honestly, who isn’t self conscious about at least some part of their body?

My infamous “Flamingo Pose” Left is pre baby. Center and right are post baby. Damn the fact that you can’t stay young forever.

I want to say that I’m going to go get the latest issue of Cosmo, where they’re sure to have some sort of “Get Better Abs in Two Weeks” sort of feature. I’ll cut out the article, stick it to my fridge, and diligently work out until my abs are in better shape, my body is in better shape, and most of all, I feel better about how I look.

But let’s face facts. That’s a lie.

I’m terrible at working out. Aviator and I had this discussion when we went to the gym a couple times. Working out is harder on your own. Why? Because no one is holding you accountable. No one is going to come up to you and tell you that you have to do this next set of crunches, or run for another mile, or whatnot.

That’s why soccer is good for me, even if I suck, even if I get tired, both of which usually happen — someone is holding me accountable. From time to time, that someone is yelling at me, but hell, at least I’m doing something active.

The same story is true for long distance biking. My family has gone on the Michigander bike tour for the past two years — this will be our third year this summer. You know what happens if you decide you can’t bike anymore? You’re stuck. Possibly in the middle of nowhere. Possibly with nothing to eat or drink but half a water bottle and some salt and vinegar peanuts (this actually happened to me once). You absolutely have to keep going until you reach your destination, or else you’re screwed*. That’ll hold you accountable.

My Dad and I on the Michigander last year. Photo Courtesy to MichTrails on PhotoBucket.

So, now…it’s bikini season.What keeps you working out? Workout buddy? Body Image? Someone come hold me accountable, so I can head to Grand Haven feeling good.

*Just an FYI. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t get screwed and left in the middle of nowhere on the Michigander. I think the SAG Wagons would pick you up.  But normally on a bike trip on your own? Seriously. Screwed.


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