Hey guys, I’m all enriched and stuff!

A few weeks ago, Fuzz e-mailed me a random question.

ACTUAL snippet from ACTUAL e-mail. You guys are so involved in my life.

It turns out there was a dinner for Grand Valley (Fuzz’s alma mater), where people would eat, drink, and get enriched. I had nothing better to do that night, and since I do enjoy getting dressed up, I agreed to go. After all, the last event that I got to dress up for was theAsian’s wedding, and we all know how much fun that was.

No, seriously…that wedding was so much fun.

ANYWAY. Now it’s Friday, and post Enrichment dinner, and let me tell you…I feel so enriched.

Things I learned from GV’s Enrichment Dinner

1. Don’t waste time deciding what you are going to wear.

The week before the event, Fuzz mentioned that it was a Black Tie affair. In true girl fashion, I refused to wear a dress I had worn lately, as if photos end up on facebook, I’d look like I only owned one dress. In true miser fashion, I refused to spend money on a new dress. I ended up in the depths of my closet, searching out dresses I hadn’t worn in awhile. I.E. My senior year high school homecoming dress.

L: dress from Alterna-Prom 2007. R: Senior Year Homecoming Dress 2004.

The day of came, and I realized I didn’t want to wear one of these dresses. I picked out a different dress. Then I got home from work and realized I didn’t  want to wear that dress either.

Fast forward to me getting dressed and Fuzz arriving to pick me up.

“Oh hey,” Fuzz says.

“Oh hi,” I reply.

“Purple!” He says.

I shrug.

Fuzz and I poss for a photo op.

2. Despite my Quarter Life Crisis, I feel young.

Fuzz and I arrive at the event. There are name tags. This is so official. Fuzz, being a man, has an easy time affixing his to his tuxedo coat. I, on the other hand, am wearing a strapless dress. I finally attach it to the bottom of my dress. If people need to know who I am, they may ask.

I happen to glance over at Fuzz’s name tag as he puts his on. Since this is his alma mater, they’ve put his class year on there.

Fuzz, 2004.

“You know,” I tell him. “That the year you graduated college is the year before I graduated high school.”

Fuzz shrugs at me.

I am such a baby.

3. Damn, Grand Rapids is such a nice city.

Part of the dinner consisted of awards. Speeches, awards, videos, the usual benefit dinner stuff. Now that I’ve been to exactly three dinners like this, I feel like I’m a expert. However, I wasn’t expecting Rich DeVos to give a speech about how great our city is.

“There is nothing to do. Our city is boring.” Me, age 17.

“You know, I don’t think I want to leave.” Me, age 25.

I’m trying to find a video or a transcript of his speech to share with you exactly how much I laughed when DeVos told the crowd how he offered to send a man who didn’t like Grand Rapids off to Russia.

You had to be there.

4. Tying a bowtie is a valuable skill.

Another e-mail from Fuzz, the day of the event:

Clearly, the less manly thing is wearing a fake bowtie. However, Fuzz apparently decided that he didn’t want to give me the satisfaction of tying his bowtie for him. When he showed up at my house, it was tied, very nicely, might I add.

I proceeded to mention the bowtie at numerous points the evening. I’m sure it got to the point where people were thinking, Damn, it’s the crazy girl that can tie a bowtie.

But honestly, I can tie a bowtie. You probably cannot. I win.

I did try not to judge people on this event based on  fake bowties, real bowties, or poorly tied bowties.

5. Despite my quarter life crisis, I feel old.

 Fast forward to the end of the dinner. Fuzz’s group of friends is heading out to downtown GR to further the night. Fuzz looks at me. I feel so bad for myself. I’m so tired. We decide to call it a night and head the opposite direction of his friends.

I was the youngest one at the table, and it is past my bedtime.

All in all, a fabulous evening. Thanks Grand Valley, for having me. Sorry I went to Aquinas instead.


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  1. I regard something truly interesting about your website so I saved to fav.

  2. While tying a tie is a skill all men should be able to do, tying a bow tie is a lot harder but like anything, practice makes perfect. So no shame in a woman tying your bow tie. Its cute really.

    Now when she unties it, thats hot. 😉

  3. Beautiful pictures and dresses. Looks like it was a great time.

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