Famous By Association

Once upon a time, I was chilling out on Facebook, when I saw someone in the Friends You May Know column.

Justin Abdelkader

No freaking way is that him, I think to myself. If he were on facebook, he wouldn’t show up as someone I might know, because while I would like to know a Red Wing or seven, I don’t. Plus, if I were him, I’d never go on Facebook with my real name. I’d call myself Not Justin Abdelkader to throw people off my scent of hockey man and beard and skills.

But I couldn’t stop wondering, and eventually, I just clicked “add friend,” and sent a rambling [slightly intoxicated] message apologizing for my stalker-esque self.

A little while later, I was with Poof and I told her of my escapades.

“You’re a freak,” she told me.

I nodded. She was right. I was embarrassed.

“But I added Brendan Wong on Facebook after we saw him play last week,” she says. “After all, how many Asian hockey players are out there?”

“You found him on facebook?” I asked.

She nods. “He said no.”

I shrug. “That’s okay. Abdelkader did not add me as a friend.”

You got Abdelkader’d*,” she says.

“You got Wong’d,” I respond.

Fast Forward.

It’s present day, and I’m still mildly embarrassed of my Facebook stalking. But then I realized, twitter is constantly Abdelkader-ing all of us.

How many people do you follow on twitter? How many of them are famous? And how many of those famous people have you sent tweets at, or responses at, one of millions these people, knowing there is a slim to nil chance of that tweet being read, let alone replied to?

I admit it. I have.

Hell, @mylifeyourhands even did this twitter crush study which involved some sort of comparison of crushes on normal people versus celebrities. I followed his study fervently, but did not participate, due to my unwillingness to learn how many hockey players I’m in love with.

Chart courtesy of @mylifeyourhands

But then, I met Brian Jarvis. 

Now, when I say met, I mean, he followed me, I declared him to be a pornbot, he messaged me offering me free musical talents and proof he was real, I followed him back. It was the beginning of a fabulous tweetship.

I listened to some of his music, ended up really liking it, and eventually bought the CD off of iTunes. He rocks out on a playlist with Matt Nathanson (who has yet to tweet me back even though I’ve offered to sing with him repeatedly). He counts as famous in my book. Which made it so much cooler, when the other day…

I responded to a random tweet of his, expecting no answer. Really, I was just tweeting for the hell of it…okay, and just constantly mentioning the blog. A girl has to network after all. So, imagine my surprise, when a little while later…


I was so pleased by the reply and the virtual wave that you can imagine my glee when…


Granted, Brian Jarvis did not know about the new blog address. But still. You have to give him props for finding the URL to the threewaystop, and even better, tweeting it. Clearly, this man loves his fans. So, thank you, Brian Jarvis or possibly random person that handles Brian Jarvis’ twitter account. Thank you for giving me a reason to continue following famous people on twitter, and for not Abdelkader-ing* me via the twitter. I fully expect your next album to come with a song entitled, “That Chick on Twitter that has a blog.”

*The writer also wonders exactly how famous one has to become in order to have their name turned into a verb. I.e.:

Abdelkader-ing: the act of not friending/defriending/unfriending by a more famous person.


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  1. I love that convo we had. top 10 fer sure.

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