We’re so lucky our neighbors are nice, eh?

I have a post stored in the back of my mind that I’ve been trying desperately to write — it’s about why my sister and I are not allowed to be funny anymore, and involves Asians, sunglasses, and touch screens. I’ve been trying so hard for you, our beloved readers — lest you be subjected to another post where Poof is cooking but will not share her cupcakes with you.

But then it became my birthday, and while you’re all super cool, today, I am cooler. Which means it’s Birthday Post time!

And when I say birthday post time, I mean, part one of thirteen billion, or however many posts I decide to write. It’s been a fabulous birthday so far, involving birthday hockey, and birthday cake, and birthday movies, and Justin Timberlake, and birthday heels.

Since my birthday decided to fall on a Monday, I decided to make my birthday a weekend long affair. GoldDust offered to wing woman like the true shenanigan master she is.

“Anything you want to do, we’ll do,” she told me. “I’m your birthday bitch.”

I think you all can guess what I wanted to do.

It’s hockey time, bitches.

Boo’s Grandpa had gotten me tickets for my birthday the year before, and this year, try as he might, the planets did not align. It was the last game of the season, after all. But I wanted birthday hockey, so I took off for the Craig’s listings and ticketmasterings and basically hunted and hunted until…

9:27 a. Text to GoldDust: Tots bought tickets! We be up in here at the Joe!

We Up in Here at the Joe!

Problem? It was an afternoon game. Which means getting ready was going to have to be quick. I scrambled for the shower and the make up, and as a last minute addition:

10:56 a. Text to GoldDust: What are your thoughts on glitter?

10:58 a. Text from GoldDust: Amazing!

Superfan, Glittered up. Credit goes to @jeri_berri for the awesome glitter knowledge.

GoldDust and I drove down to the game, parked the car with no trouble and no men slapping her vehicle, as has happened on other occasions. We walked to the Joe, bought our first whalebones, and headed to our seats.

We sang the anthem. We sat. We drank. We watched hockey. Apart from being in the upper level, I had a great view (are there really BAD seats at the Joe? if there are, I haven’t sat in them.), up until…

This happened.

The row in front of us was an entire group of people wearing blue shirts, from somewhere. They were so excited for the hockey. Which is well and good, until you block my view. I look at GoldDust, aghast. I am about to hyperventilate. I cannot see my birthday hockey. The blue shirts are chanting things in french. I don’t know if I can deal with this. Then.

The row behind us now starts heckling the row in front of us.

“Sit down! We can’t see!Words! Phrases! Pull your pants up!”

GoldDust and I exchange looks. We are stuck between loud and louder. What’s a girl to do??!!

Team Canada in front of us makes a toast. More languages. I decide that if I maybe make friends with them, they won’t block my view. So when they bring in their beer cups to cheers, I stick my whalebone in too. Cheers, boys.

We can all be friends.

Lots of things are said then, and I figure things will all be okay when-

“Hey,” comes a voice from behind me. It’s the hecklers. “Nordiques, we’re from Canada too! Windsor!”

I glance behind us. I glance in front of us. “GoldDust. They’re all Canadians. We are completely bordered by Canadians. It is like we have gotten rid of Mexico.”

The Canadians behind us start talking to us then. They appreciate birthday hockey, and buy us birthday drinks. I tell them I’m seventeen, but I’m no longer sure if people believe that, get scared by that, or what.

Either way, they bought me booze.

“GoldDust,” I whisper, as we begin to drink our freshly filled whalebones. “The Canadians bought us drinks. Can I pay them?”

She debates. “Do you still have a Canadian five dollar bill?”

I try to hand off the hockey money bill. They laugh at me for having Canadian money and tell me it’s a birthday drink.


Meanwhile. The blue shirted Canadians are still attracting my attention. One of them is wearing a furry blue Elmer Fudd hat. And I wants it. I wants it real bad.

“How drunk you think I have to be to ask him for that hat?” I ask GoldDust in a whispershout.

WhisperShout: the drunk portion of the night where you are trying so hard to be quiet that you are unnaturally loud and people stare at you because they're wondering WTF is up with your voice.

“Drunker then this,” she tells me. “Have another drink. Then ask him.”

But for some reason, this answer is unacceptable to me. “But I need it.”

“It’s your birthday,” GoldDust says. “Just take it.”

“…do you think he’ll notice?” I ask. I’m so mesmerized by this hat, that it does not occur to me that he was probably listening to our conversation.

I realize that he definitely was…when he turns around and gives me the hat.

The Canadian, me, and the furry blue hat.

High fives all around.

Until…the game ends. Hard fought battle, but we lost in a shoot out. Which, btw, Datsyuk’s goal totally went in. At least from the upper level, it did. And then, the Nordique took his hat back.

“…but it’s my birthday,” I pout. “Birthday hockey!”

“But it was for my birthday too,” he tells me in his french-canadian talk. “I am 18.”

And thus I immediately gave him the hat back. No more minors in 2012.

We head out and the Windsor Canadians have walked out with us. They can’t believe that he took the hat back. I’m sad too, but it’s okay. There will always be more furry hats. GoldDust and I pass out blog cards to the Canadians and make them take our picture.

My birthday bitch and me 🙂

Then, for good measure, we take a picture with all of them. To prove we are worldly, and that we did meet Canadians. Plus, let’s be serious. I’m turning 25. Which means new driver’s license. And if you didn’t know, in Michigan, that means you can get an enhanced driver’s license.

A.K.A. Passport to Canada.

Happy Birthday to me, eh?



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  1. Love it!

  2. akismet-8ea4896cb43a0cd997e719c2a045f87a

    FYI – The caps won in double OT today and I was totally hoping they would go into triple OT so I could be like TRIPLE THREAT

  3. Sounds like a great birthday!

    Was this the one where the canadian was riding the zamboni with the sign? If so i saw that game and you were surrounded by Canadians. LOL!

  4. Happy belated birthday! The minor, furry hat Canadian is kinda cute. Too bad he’s 18.

    • Hahaha, I pretty much threw the hat and sprinted away when he told me that. Not that I was hitting on him. I really wanted that damn hat.

  5. You see, this whole enhanced license means YOU CAN COME VISIT ME!!!

    Also I’m sorry it took so long to read this- I have had barely any Internet for about two weeks.

    Soooo when are you visiting?

    • I don’t even know! But the next time I go to Toronto, I want to be wearing a shirt that says “I am Asian, and probably am related to you.”

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