You were always good at putting words together.

First off. I know I’ve said it already, but I want to give a big thank you and send lots of love to anyone and everyone who commented on my last post or sent DMs or tweets or texts or called. I appreciate the love and support so much more than I could ever say.

Back to the normal.

When I was just a wee freshman in college, there was a program called MyTunes. My first “cool college friend” Blackbird introduced me to it, and showed me just how easy “borrowing” my fellow dorm mates music could be. Seriously. This program would show you the libraries of anyone on the college network, and allow you to download their music in a matter of minutes. That was so fucking fast back then.

The best thing to come out of this program, besides the obscene amount of time I’d spend with Blackbird listening to Radiohead (always good) and Coldplay (when they were good), was the discovery of one Matt Nathanson.

202 (my college roommate) and I decided that since we could download so much music so quickly, that we might as well sample everything. We were like senior citizens at Old Country Buffet. And one day, we randomly stumbled upon the album Beneath These Fireworks.

The rest is history. The song Angel defined the rest of my college career. I sang it to Boo when he was born. I sang it with Matt Nathanson when he did a set in Grand Rapids one year.

I love Matt Nathanson.

Thus, when I found out he was coming back to GR this month…

Hi, tickets, plznthx. I coerced Goalie into going to the game with me, since I owe him for getting me Abdelkader’s autograph. I’m sure he’s a solid Matt fan by now. Also a solid Matt fan? Derby (@dweezlepip), my fabulous hockey friend from twitter. She was at the concert and we met up and formed a clique in the masses.


The concert was at The Intersection, which has one of those big open standing room spaces. If you were there for the music, you found a table and got a drink. If you were there for the music AND the concert atmosphere, you crowded the stage and sang along with every song, including when he pulled out Amazing Again. Which is a great song. And a great album, if you don’t have it. If you came to see exactly howcloseyoucouldgettoMattNathanson then a) I hate you, b) you may have spilled on me, c) don’t go to a concert again until you have better etiquette.

Our view of Matt

Matt Nathanson has a great stage presence. I’ve seen him with an audience of twenty some odd people, and he has exactly the same interaction with his audience as when he’s in front of a huge crowd like he was last Friday. He talked for five minutes about a piece of gum…and I was somehow amused. If I could compare sex to scrabble and get laughs like that, I’d be thrilled with myself and retire.

He put together a really great show too, mixed songs from his last two albums, including an ALL MATT version of “Run,” which normally features the chick from Sugarland. Seriously, Matt. I can sing. I can harmonize. I will totally sing her part for you. 

Such a good performer.

This show was better in that aspect than the last few times I’ve seen him perform because this is the first time I’ve seen him where he’s pulled some older songs that not many people know. The last time I saw him perform was right after Some Mad Hope came out, and the whole show was songs for that album. Which is understandable, given the timing, but a little disappointing when you’ve liked an artist for so long.

He also, like most artists, had merchandise for sale in the back. Normally, I don’t get anything, unless there’s a CD I don’t have (And I have all of MN’s already), or something that just grabs me to the point where I cannot go home without it. And Matt Nathanson had one of those. His shirt had a line from Modern Love. Derby pointed out how well the shirt fit in with [ex]Red Wing Mike Commodore and his twitter motto “Stay Single.” I needed that shirt. Well played, Mr. Nathanson. Well played.

Me and Derby rocking it out in our new shirts. #StaySingle

PLUSES: The set list. The fact that he STILL performed Run, even without whats-her-face. The humor, despite being a little tongue in cheek due to minors. His beard. The new shirt I procured, namely for the fact that it fit so well with Mike Commodore’s life motto of Stay Single.

MINUSES: the opening act – bless her heart, but she tried way too hard (Notice this is all I mentioned of her and her strange white girl rapping and beat-boxing ways). The fact that all ages were welcome. If I were 18, I would’ve appreciated this, because I would have been able to get in. But I’m older and wiser, and didn’t like the cheerleader in front of me who kept getting in my personal space and screaming while he was singing.

ALL IN ALL: I still love Matt Nathanson. I would have wanted it to be a 21+ show, but the show was so good that I dealt. And maybe gently pushed a girl away form me at one point. I still want him to come back to GR though. And eventually, I will sing with him again.

Oh. By the way. Those awesome shirts Derby and I got? Guess what we did with them?

Dear Mike Commodore, Hope Tampa Bay is Nice. Love, L.A. P.S. Stay Single.

Yeah. We went there.


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  1. I kinda want to make out with you. lol

    Love Matt Nathanson. Glad you had a blast at the show.

  2. No offense, but I cannot stand him!!! Sounds like you had fun though!

  3. I wish he had a name like zippy underpants so I could remember him next time I’m goofing off on pandora (“Mike Nathanham?”). Guess I’ll just have to keep comin back to yer blog! 😉

  4. I actually have tickets to Kelly Clarkson soon, and I think he’s the opener.

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