You can be my wingman anytime.

I have to start this blog by telling you that I was kicked in the twat last night. Seriously. Someone took a shot and his foot landed in my lady parts and it hurt. Following the incident:

Lady part kicker: I’m so sorry!

L.A.: Fuck you!

So, the remainder of the game, I was focused more on the pain in my poonani, then actually playing the game. And then, the icing on the cake, we finished our game to find…

The streak is over. Red Wings went down in a shoot out to the CaFucks.

I was devasted. I yelled things that no one could understand. I could not put my pants on correctly for at least five minutes. I tweeted tears.


So, now, instead of focusing on the fact that the Wings lost, I’m going to focus on the fact that the Wings are AWESOME.

This is the story of the #AmwayWingMan game.

NeighborGirl's 1st Game!

Everyone should know by now, from clicking the link just above, that NeighborGirl and I won some tickets to the Valentine’s Day game from @JakeDuhaime. He’s the Red Wings social media guy, that put together this whole Wingman thing.

I finagled my way out of work, finagled LittleBro to drive NeighborGirl from the airport to the Joe, finagled my car into Tom’s Oyster Bar, and finagled my way to the arena. Early, even.

And I am never early.

We pick up our tickets and some swag bags and head to booze up before the game starts. I treat NeighborGirl to her first whalebone, because it’s her first wings game. I hope she reads this and sees that I WILL ALWAYS GO TO WINGS GAMES WITH HER because her first game was a record setter.

The game starts. If you’ve never been to a play off, then I hope you went to this one. The energy in the Joe was infectious. It started with a tribute to Holmstrom’s 1000th game. We were playing the STARS, who the last time I saw them play us, stole Ozzie’s 400th from being at home. I wanted revenge on them. I screamed from beginning to end.

If you didn’t realize by now, we won. Longest NHL home record. Because we’re just that awesome. I can’t explain how epic it was to be chanting “21” over and over by the end of the game.

Winning tickets for this game was by the far, the tops of 2012 so far. Kudos, Red Wings. Kudos.

Now. The actual Social Media experience:

Being part of the #AmwayWingMan game was definitely a guinea pig thing. While it was cool to win seats, it was definitely the first time they’d ever done it. There were so many people there, that we were majorly spread out and it was hard to connect with anyone. I got to briefly meet a couple hockey girls I’ve been tweeting with (@dweezlepip and @jrgrotto) and we talked for a little with the guys sitting next to us. That was a prime conversation.

“Hey,” NeighborGirl leans over me to talk to the boys next to us. “Where are your drinks?” I’m of course sporting a whalebone, and she’s got a beer.

The first boy shrugs. “Not 21.”

We look at the second boy. “And you’re not drinking…for support?”


YAY, social media! You found us on the twatter!

I tried to meet up with blog commenter BowTie too, (@MercBG2k), but with our seats where we were, it was hard to get signal, let alone to twat with anyone. That was frustrating, since we were all supposed to twat during the game. We looked over at one point and saw someone ACTUALLY able to twat. He was sitting on the steps, and after a second, I realized who it was:The Social Media guy himself: @JakeDuhaime.

We talked with him for a little bit about the event, and he mentioned he was on the Joe’s Wifi, that’s how he could tweet recklessly like he was. Lucky dog. But it turns out he was handling the Red Wings account, which saves me when I can’t watch the games. I follow those game tweets religiously when I can’t be there or in front of a TV.

Anyway, he snapped a shot of @jrgrotto for the Red Wings page, and I managed to stick my head in since I helped hold the sign. Love.


In retrospect, I should have given him a business card. READ MY BLOG, please.

To sum it up. It was an awesome game. I can still hear 21 being chanted. I might frame that ticket. For next time, hopefully there is a pre party or post party. And maybe hook us up to Wifi too, so we may twat along. But besides that, a great event, a great free ticket, and a freaking awesome game.

I’d do it all over again in an instant.



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  1. I was at that game too! It was awesome to be there for numero 21. Now for the cup, GO WINGS!!!!

  2. Excellent post and not (just) cause you mentioned me. 🙂

    I was there and it was a great atmosphere, just like a playoff game! I was sad that i didnt get to meet up with you and not cause you had a business card for me. Its always fun to put a name to a face. Signal troubles and no wifi definitely hampered our efforts and tweeting in general. Also being on the other side of the arena didnt help either.

    Totally agree for next time some pregame or post game meet up. Maybe some pics on the ice?

    Thanks for my nickname too! 🙂

  3. Oh and some ice on your booboo will fix you right up. 🙂

  4. I like where this is going.

    And really do women twatswat each other?

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