Cause and Effect

I’m sure you all know the concept of cause and effect.

Something happens which then causes something else to happen, etc, etc.

For example.

Effect: I have not been blogging.

Cause: Nothing BLOGWORTHY has happened.


Effect: Nothing BLOGWORTHY has happened.

Cause: I have not been drinking.

I hate to admit it, but interesting things happen when booze is in my system. Plus, since I never really drink anymore, I’m a huge lightweight. That means BLOGWORTHY can easily be purchased for under ten dollars.

Last night’s price, in particular, was $5.96.

NeighborGirl and I saw each other for the first time in about a month, which is terrible, considering how close we live to each other. She had tales of life, and I had stress, so we of course began our outing with beer. Tall beers. Tall beers for skinny girls.

Cause: Tall beers for skinny girls.

Effect: The following text message conversation with theCousin.

TheCousin: my dad watched twilight the other day.

TheCousin: I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about that.

L.A.: …

L.A.: Twilight is a terrible movie. Lol. I feel bad for your dad.

L.A.: BUT. Twilight did teach me not to bang a vampire.

L.A.: BECAUSE they WILL NOT kill you. NO. they will IMPREGNATE you.

L.A.: and then their VAMPIRE SPERM will kill you.

L.A.: which is bizarre because to impregnate someone you need to ejaculate which means you need to get it up and to get it up you need increased blood floe AND DO YOU KNOW WHO DOESNT HAVE BLOOD FLOW, THECOUSIN?!

In conclusion. Cause: Drink More, because Effect: Blog More.

This PSA was brought to you by Bud Light.


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