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By now, I expect you’ve read all about our Cultural Hotch Day outing to see Les Miserables, which Poof so eloquently wrote about. However, I do feel I need to defend myself. For the crying and such.

I’m sorry. But I LOVE THEATER. Actually, I’m not really sorry. Because seriously. LOVE.

If you do too, I hope you’ll comment about how awesome theater is. Tell me your favorite show, so I can have support to drag Poof to another one. Maybe Wicked, because it’s awesome and she’s never seen it, and OMFG, Idina Menzel.


Seeing Les Miz was actually Poof’s idea. She called me and mentioned it was going to be here, and was all “I think it’d be fun to go to.”


To illustrate:

Poof: Left. L.A.: Right

Let me explain my love of Les Miz:

  1.  Do you know who once starred as both Eponine and Fantine on Broadway? Lea Salonga.

    Lea Salonga as Eponine

    She was the singing voice of Princess Jasmine too, and Mulan. And she’s Filipino. And was my idol from the ages of five to at least thirteen. I love her.

  2. Guess what my senior musical was in high school? That’s right. Les Miz.
    Spring Musical 2005: Les Miserables

    L.A. & Co as lovely ladies. When they sang this song, I leaned over to Poof and whispered, “I was a whore too.”

    When Poof was teasing me about saying Jean Valjean over and over? That’s how my government teacher would say it, everyday while the show was going on. Master of the House had me replaying exactly where I was on stage at each moment.

    Mr. Poland and L.A.

    Mr. Poland. One of my best friends from high school. We were incredibly close during this musical.

    Watching the show was a series of flashbacks combined with the sadness of the show. So many tears.

  3. Seriously. Have you seen this show? It’s SO GOOD.

Hence my large amount of love for this show. And why it was AWESOME that Poof went with me. Because now she has to love it too.

By the way. She made up an excuse. Like allergies or something in her eye. But she totally cried too.


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  1. I haven’t had the luxury of seeing the show on stage, I’ve only seen the PBS special they seem to air every year. Did you know they are currently in pre-production for a Les Mis movie (based on the actual musical); not like the one released already starring Liam Neison and Claire Danes.

    I’m still mildly pissed I didn’t take the opportunity to see ‘Wicked’ at the Pantageous theatre in LA when I was out there (could have gotten an industry discount too).

    • I had no idea that they were making a movie for the musical! I would totally own that. I hope it turns out well though, I’m crossing my fingers it goes like Chicago did!

      And next time you get the chance to see Wicked, go for it! Its worth it x10000000 and I hope I get to see it again!

  2. Jasmine was Filipino????

  3. SO FUNNY. I was also a whore in my schools production!!

  4. I hate when allergies get in my eyes. Plus I was a whore in high school too! For the show, you know. I have yet to see it on the stage though, and would love to.

    • Lovely Ladies of Les Mix unite! Seriously. We should start a club. Or a Facebook group. Called I was a whore in high school.

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