Making plans is SO last year.

A week or two ago, I was granted with what I’ll be calling an early Christmas present. One of my best friends, who we will call NeighborGirl, temporarily moved back to her mom’s house, which means that she is exactly four and a half minutes away from my house. If I’m walking. It takes five minutes if  I choose to try and jump over a fence, seven if I actually walk around the block, or three if I sprint through various neighbor’s yards.

The shortest distance from point A to point B involves hopping a fence.


The other day, I asked NeighborGirl if she wanted to head to a hockey game with me. She agreed and we headed downtown, even though we’d been talking about how we feel like we’ve outgrown the bar life, or at least the blackout portion of it. But there are ALWAYS hockey games on Friday nights, so we were going to make a night of it. It’s pretty hard to turn down dollar beer and hot dog night.

NeighborGirl drives us and then walks slowly for me since I chose to wear heels. We eventually cover the two blocks to the arena.

“Where do we buy tickets?” She asks me.

“Just inside,” I tell her. But something is wrong. There are lines of people with tickets outside and that’s not how these hockey games work.

NeighborGirl asks someone taking tickets where to buy them.

“It’s a cash donation tonight,” the woman tells us. This is wrong. Who makes a cash donation to see hockey?

Then someone hands NeighborGirl a ticket.

“Cool,” she laughs. “I just got a free hockey ticket. Now we only need one more.”

Until we actually LOOK at the ticket.

Christian Bands do not play hockey.

There is no hockey. There is a Christian concert instead, which, despite getting a free ticket too, is really not what we planned on doing. NeighborGirl cracks up. I feel dumb for not checking the schedule.

There should ALWAYS be hockey on Fridays.

Then, NeighborGirl suggests we hit the comedy club across the street. I’ve never been, so I agree. We get put on the waiting list for the show, but eventually make it in to the club and listen to a few comedians tell us that the world is getting too politically correct.

It’s actually really funny, and I’m just thrilled that the night turned out okay. I tell NeighborGirl that someday, I aspire to be a comedian.

Because I’m funny, and when I’m not, funny things happen to me.

Like, a Christian concert taking over a hockey game. Exactly.

This man was amusing.


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  1. unexpected nights sometimes are always the best…. but I agree.. hockey Fridays should always exist.. everywhere.

  2. ahahahahaha — you should have gone to the christian concert. i bet it would have been really good… or maybe not. who knows… we will never know since you didn’t go.
    and yesssss, you should totally be a comedian!

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