I’ve fallen head over heels and I can’t get up

So, in recent times, I have promised you a number of stories. Instead of telling those stories, I’m going to tell you a few things I’ve learned over the past few weeks. I’m big on learning lately.

1. Men in spandex can still be hot.

Ask Lady B, for example. Her fiance proposed in a unitard type outfit, and I’m not going to lie. Best proposal story ever.

My man in spandex, however, came from the bike tour I recently participated in. He was on said tour last year when I went (Read more here and here.) and made fun of me for being a virgin rider. This year, as I was a second year rider, we were much more eloquent in our conversations.

“I remember you,” BikeGuy tells me. “Not a newbie anymore.”

“Second time around,” I respond. I can’t stop staring at his face.

Last year, he was scruffy, with shaggy hair and a bandana. This year, his hair is a little more tame, but…

He has grown a fabulous beard.

“You’re tanner than last year.” He’s scrutinizing me. “And your hair is longer. And your kid is huge.”

I nod. “Yes. But You. You’ve grown a beard.”

He gives me a long stare. Maybe the beard comment was inappropriate somehow.

“You’re a hockey fan, aren’t you?” He asks.

I am in love.

2. Biking in 90+ degree heat isn’t as bad when your BFF leaves you crazy voicemails.

Somewhere around 200 miles in, Poof calls me. I’m sweaty and dying and don’t notice until that night after I shower and am laying on a gym floor while LeBebe runs around.

Hey, so I know you’re biking and all, but I’m driving to meet GoldDust and if you weren’t biking we could all be together there. But I digress. Iwas just wondering if you and your family plan your bike trip to correspond with the tour de france. Because it’s happening at the same time as your whirlwind bike trip, and I was just wondering. I was also wondering, if you have a little yellow jumpsuit while you were biking to show you were the fastest rider. Of course your dad is probably the fastest biker because you got the baby on the back, but maybe you could get the polka dot jersey for the mountains or something. anyway, I was just wondering if that was how your family did that. So, one night when you have a break, I hope you will call me, because I miss you and I have no idea when you’re coming back. K, Bye!

For the record. I would totally be wearing the yellow jersey. And the polka dot jersey. But that because I am on a single and my parents ride on this:

You can’t climb hills riding on this.

3. Bruises fade.

Even now, the monstrosity that was on the side of my leg is a fading memory. All that remains is a faint echo of the injury that once was, in a shape that reminds me of Richard Avedon‘s classic photos of the Beatles.


Image by Pineapples101 via Flickr


Come along for an adventure on L.A.’s bicycle.

It’s raining. Hard. I’m pedaling furiously. Next thing I know, I’m having the idea that this is what it must be like to fly.

I’m suddenly upside down and all I can see is the road. It’s coming towards to me until I crash. I’m all set to relish in the fact that hot damn, I’ve crashed my bike and landed on my head. When I see something else. It’s my bike. Sliding towards me.

It slams into me, and bike and I go sliding down the pavement until the bike decides it doesn’t want to push me along anymore. I shove it off me only to realize I’m lying spread eagled in the right hand lane of a four lane highway.

There’s a car that has pulled over and an old woman is sticking her head out into the rain.

“Did your poncho get caught?” She yells over at me.

No, bitch. And I’m fine, by the way.

4. You should never read too much into titles. I bet you thought this would be a piece about love, falling head over heels and all.

Nope. Just biking. And bodily injury.


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  1. I said “just wondering” entirely too much in that voicemail.

  2. Oh god, you ‘re a cyclist?

    I may have to reconsider this online friendship. 🙂

  3. If that happens, you’ve got to share that pic.

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