In which I actually know all the word’s to Canada’s National Anthem.

My mom is originally from the Philippines. I’m sure you know that by now. Which means that she was born there and she grew up there and she also has a large amount of family there. Not here. Although, a great number of them have come to Canada…which is super close by.

Translation: Road Trip!


Hi, it’s my mom and me in Canada!


I was going to post about this before, but then we actually came to Canada, and let’s be honest —

Who can even think of posting when Dudley Do Right is traipsing down the street singing “Oh Canada” at the top of his lungs?

Am I right? Eh?

I’m totally kidding. Granted, while I’m in this fair country, my money is worth less, I hear millions of languages, and so many men walking past are talking about hockey that I might pee myself. But there is really no time to blog.

Plus, since Toronto is uber multicultural, my mom keeps making friends.

Strange Filipino folk, at the boat we went on, on the island we were on, at the gas station, in line for the effing bathroom…

Stranger(In my Mom’s native tongue): Oh Em Gee, you are the Philippines,  yeah?

Mom: I don’t talk to strangers. I’m white with a great tan.

Me (in English): Mom. You aren’t even that tan for an Asian. They know. They all know.

Mom (in Tagalog now): Hey! Yeah! I’m the Philippines too! Where are you from, who do you know, how strange that we have found each other in this corner of the world!

Next post. How I got another cousin.


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  1. i want to go to canada so bad. i’ve never been there but my great aunt lives there. i want to go to toronto and hunt billy talent down. haha

  2. Bahahah I LIVE in Toronto! I feel like we should have had some sort of beverage and embarked on an adventure.

    Also – People frequently start speaking spanish to my mom (dark skin, named Juanita). Only problem? she is straight up Irish with a GREAT tan. And my grandma was a hippy that loved the name Juanita.

    Me? I’m pale as hell and currently burnt which has lead to my boobs peeling and me looking like some sort of slutty zombie.

    • Next time, we will have to adventure and drink when I am in Toronto.

      I hope you bring men in unitards.

      Also. Your grandma should so blog.

  3. I’m with Lady B on this one! I live super close to Toronto, hijinks should have ensued!!!!!

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