L.A. is going to the chapel but she is only a bridesmaid

Last Sunday, I woke up with immense pains in my side. Not from bodily malfunctions, or intense sex, or anything like that. The boning in my bridesmaid dress caused me great pain after FunSized and I tore up the dancefloor.

CoSi and I originated this pose from the FRIENDS opening sequence — I have pictures dating back to Junior Year Homecoming where we’re doing this!

That’s right.

After 1 forced homecoming date, approximately 7 years of dating, and 15 minutes at the front of a church for vows, Bobo and Engaged are officially Mr. and Mrs. Bobo. Also, from this point on, Engaged will be known as…CoSi (There’s a reason.)

I cried. I cried a lot. FunSized sat next to me and she cried too. Bobo’s older sister sat on the other side of me and she cried too. Old women were passing us Kleenex. Our mascara and eyeliner suffered greatly.

I realized that there’s something absolutely AMAZING about being able to stay friends with people for so long…Engaged and I are going on 18 years, FunSized and I are going on 7 years, Bobo and I are going on 10…I even wrote a speech for the couple about all these years we have together, which made me cry every time I read it.


The wedding was fabulous. I love when my friends get married. After the crying, we took a party bus around for pictures, then settled down at the reception. FunSized got “Night at the Roxbury‘d” by Arrington and Neo (a high school friend), while I lasso’d in HSM. Then, we danced. And by danced, I mean we requested every single line dance known to man and performed them. Because FunSized and I learned them ahead of time.

An enjoyable moment of the evening:

L.A.’s Dad: So who did you walk down the aisle with?

L.A.: HSM.

L.A.’s Dad: Didn’t you date him in high school?

L.A.: No.

L.A.’s Dad: But wasn’t he over at our house a lot?

L.A.: I guess, once or twice, maybe?

L.A.’s Mom: FunSized walked with Arrington?

L.A.: Yes.

L.A.’s Dad: Didn’t you date him in high school?

L.A.: Not really.

L.A.’s Dad: But wasn’t he over at our house a lot?

L.A.: (Sighing) Yes.

L.A.’s Mom: Oh, there’s Bobo, he looks so happy. L.A. dated him in high school too.

L.A.: NO, I did NOT.

L.A.’s Dad: But wasn’t he over at our house a lot?

L.A.: Because he was DATING Engaged!

L.A.’s Dad: When did you have time to date Ex?

L.A.: Sigh.

CoSi and BoBo’s first dance

On that enigmatic note, I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Bobo.

All the best to my besties 🙂


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  1. I love you;)

  2. I am an amateur photographer from the L.A. area, specializing in weddings. You have some nice photos that you’ve taken! What kind of camera were you using?

    • I have a Canon of some sort, it’s tiny and black! Poof and I got the same one on black friday last year. The picture of FunSized and me was taken by one of CoSi’s friends, a DSLR of some sort?

  3. Gwa…now you’re making me take extra effort to update the blog role. No more name changes!

    And you’re Dad sounds awesome. Strength is found in finding a couple good phrases and then just repeat them. 🙂

    • Well, thanks for following us along anyway, Matthew! 🙂

      My Dad is really awesome — he wasn’t even trying to be humorous or a smart-aleck or whatnot by saying that, it’s just how he is. I could probably have a blog just about the things he says.

    • Her dad looks like Abe Lincoln, and acts like Jeppedo. You cant top that.

  4. Holy crap weddings are awesome!

    also – LA – your dad sounds like mine: generally confused about what I did in high school and who all those people in his house were.

    Which never stopped him from walking around in his road biking gear.

    • Oooh, this is too fabulous. Lady B, is your dad also a bicyclist?

      My dad still mixes up people I’ve known since I was five. I like to think of it as an endearing quality now.

  5. Funsized/Bioko

    Also, I’m beginning to miss dancing to all of those dances with much hilarity and pizazz. I’m thinking we have three options:
    1. Force some of our mutual friends (who, I don’t know yet) to have a wedding of some sort within the next year so that we can continue to hone our amazing dancing skills.
    2. Have a dance party on our own, complete with the “Wedding Dance Songs!” playlist on my iPod.
    3. Become the female version of the wedding crashers and bust in on an unsuspecting bride and groom, only to impress them with how greatly (and, stylistically) we tear up the dance floor.

  6. good luck to the happy couple. 🙂
    your parents are amazing. they make you sound like you dated 100 guys in high school. love it.

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