L.A. was only waiting for that moment.

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Good Morning, wordpress universe.

I’m actually a wealth of things that have gone down. But some of these happenings are boring, and others are territory I’m not sure I’m willing to go into (see Toast and the rules of readers of the blog.) Therefore. I give you a story to keep you interested in me.

January 2009

I haven’t dated…really, ever. I went from boyfriend to boyfriend, and high school to college.

I get a call from an old friend. Do you remember him?


He invites me over. I have nothing to lose, and I miss my old friend. So I go.


We’re sitting in Blackbird’s bedroom. It’s a mess, and makes me nostalgic for his old dorm room we used to sit it. He has rickety old office chairs that we’re perched in. Mine is broken and keeps tilting backwards, until Blackbird pulls me over to him by my legs.

“We have been so much closer than this,” he tells me. “This is ridiculous.” He hooks my legs over his lap.

I realize for the first time how nervous I am to be there. Not because it’s Blackbird, and not because of how close his face his getting to mine, but because here I am, alone with a boy…

Blackbird is getting closer to me. I can feel it coming. I can feel the warmth of his breath.

“Hand that to me, would you?” He moves past me and I exhale, loudly. I turn, and realize he’s going for his guitar, which I hand over to him, blushing. He wasn’t going to kiss me.

“I think I remember how this goes,” he says, plucking at the strings. A few notes. A few chords. “Are you going to help me?” He asks me, smiling.

I’m having another flashback to that dorm room. He and I sitting on his loft bed. Him laying down with his guitar, head resting on my lap. I remember that he can’t really sing.

“Blackbird, singing in the dead of night,” my voice cracks. “Take these broken wings and learn to fly.”

Blackbird has stopped playing. He’s just watching me.

“All your life,” I continue. He’s getting closer again. “You were only waiting for this moment to-”

And then, Blackbird kissed me.



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